206 Bones by Kathy Reichs

Reichs206BonesWhy I Read It: Really enjoyed Kathy Reichs’ other book Bones of the Lost.

Where I Got It: The library.

Who I Recommend This To: Modern-day murder mystery aficionados.

Narrator: Linda Emond

Publisher: Simon & Schuster (2009)

Length: 10 hours 12 minutes

Series: Book 12 Temperance Brennan

Author’s Page

Note: Even though this is Book 12 in the series, it works perfectly fine as a stand alone novel.

Once again Tempe Brennan is back in French-speaking Canada with a few sets of bones for her to sort out. An anonymous tip to the family of the deceased accuses her of mishandling the case of a missing person who deceased in a wooded area and was scavenged by woodland creatures. Other cases come in, are handled by Tempe, and further mistakes are made. Or are they? Things are shifting at the office. The most junior investigator is chomping at the bit to be put on a homicide case, a student employee is left to her own devices, and one of the senior team members decides it is time to move on. Add to that, Lt. Ryan complicates the romantic side to Tempe’s life.

This was another fun mystery with great science bits thrown in, multiple subplots to keep the reader guessing, and Tempe’s convoluted personal life to boot. The pacing was great with no dull moments and more than one disgruntled coworker to suspect of inter-office politics (or ruder shenanigans).

There were two main plots that intertwined with one another, convoluting each other, and making it interesting for the reader to pick out which facts went with each mystery. While parts of each plot were a little predictable, the reason why Tempe is tied in a dark, miserable place (don’t worry, the book opens with that scene) isn’t revealed until the last few chapters. My one tinsy criticism is that one of the baddies was so easy to spot, so obvious. But then I was left wondering if this person was The Main Baddie (so kudos for having multiple baddies, not so great that one was totally obvious).

The Narration: Linda Emond was a great narrator, was Temperance Brennan. I like her no-nonsense voice. Her French pronunciation was clear and easy to follow for this English speaker with only 2 years of high school French under her belt.

What I Liked: Multiple mysteries; lots of science; good point concerning the pitfalls of quick, easy pseudo-science.

What I Disliked: There’s a baddie that is totally obvious.

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