A Crown of Swords Read Along Part II

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This week we covered Chapters 3-8. Spoilers Below!!!

1. The bleakness has returned in force and Rand’s Aiel are seeping away. Do you think that this will stop once he is visibly back in control in Cairhien or has this episode done permanent damage to his position as Car’a’carn?

Quite frankly, I think he will need to defeat the Shaido, specifically Sevanna, and marry an Aiel woman before his position as Car’a’carn is secured 100%.  Also, I expect that those Aiel that stay with Rand will want to see the idiot, rebellious Cairhienen punished too. Equality and all.

Perhaps the Wise Ones and Aviendha can convince Rand to marry? 😉

2. On a scale of 1 to a Google, how cute is Loial offering relationship advice to Perrin? Does anyone understand what is going on between Gaul and Chiad?

Haha! That was funny! Even Loial had noticed Faile’s jealousy. And then later in the story, Loial reveals some feelings for Eirth and immediately kicks himself for doing so, blaming the ta’veren influence. I wish I could use that excuse for every time I slip up in a conversation and reveal a bit more than I wanted too!

I think Chiad secretly wants to marry Gaul. But she wants him to submit in all kinds of ways before she finally asks him to marry. But poor Gaul wants marriage, not friends with benefits arrangement. Plus there is Bane (spelling?). He doesn’t like Bane particularly, but Chiad may very well want her as sister-wife. That makes things all kinds of awkward, wouldn’t you say? Here, wed and bed my best friend, who you detest, so that the three of us can be happily married.

Gaul, cut your losses. Move on.

3. Were you surprised or impressed by Faile’s actions during Colavaere’s power play? Do you think she was actually in any real danger?

Faile was too valuable a hostage, if not a maidservant (I could only think she would be horrible at this). Can you see Faile being in charge of helping another lady dress? Assisting her into and out of under clothes?  Fetching stupid stuff likes fans and face creams and toilet tissue? I know Faile only had to play this role for a few days, but it must have been ever so hard on her.

I hope we get flashbacks to pay witness to her frustration and seething anger. *evil grin*

It took a little bit of courage to take an active role in that powderkeg conversation, but not much. It would have been much harder to do when Rand first appeared in the throne room.

Would you think me an ass if I said that I really liked Faile when she first showed up as a Hunter for the Horn, but that my opinion of her keeps steadily going down?

4. What do you think of Rand’s decision not to execute Colavaere: was it wise or foolish? Were you surprised that Perrin agreed with him?

I know Rand had to do so in order to help hold on to his core self. But he already has this long, long, long list of enemies and leaving one alive and devoting resources to getting her set up on a farm and then guarding her….well, someone needs to quietly slip a knife between her ribs.

Still, a life as a peasant farmer isn’t going to be pleasant for her. 😉

No, I was not surprised Perrin agreed with him. He doesn’t like killing the females any more than Rand does. They are both ‘chivalrous’ in that way.

5. I am still completely confused by Faile’s reaction to Berelain, how about you?

Faile obviously has self-esteem issues. I am not sure why she didn’t punch Berelain in the mouth and then show her the knife collection when she was spreading such lies, merely for her amusement. Supposedly Faile is a capable woman, so she should have been able to get her point across to Berelain.

And even if she couldn’t, blaming Perrin for the actions of others, especially when Perrin has done everything he could to discourage those actions, is childish.

Would it be OK if we simply ducktaped Faile and left her in a cozy closet for a book or two?

6. It seems that Dyelin has also seized power in Rand’s absence. She previously said that she would only hold the throne for Elayne: do you think that she means to stick to that pledge?

Publicly, she has stated she is holding the throne in Rand’s name for Elayne. If this is so, I think she will fair better that Colavaere. But if she is a dumbass, she’s going to get the Dragon Reborn Nasty-gram too. If she has spies or contacts in Cairhein, and has heard of what happened there, she may very well rethink her game plan by the time Rand knocks on her door. I am expecting things won’t be as dramatic as they were with Colavaere.

7. It seems like Egwene is managing the Aes Sedai quite well, even though it is like herding very headstrong cats. Does this seem likely to continue, or do you think they will start to realize how she is manipulating them? Do you think they will ever get to Tar Valon?

Egwene is very strong in the Power. I think sooner or later, a show of that strength will be needed to unite a good chunk of the Salidar Aes Sedai behind her. Which will be very fun reading for us I expect. And I think this will have to happen before they get to Tar Valon. But, yes, they will get there and I believe so because of Elaida’s prophesy.

Old, old Claudie woken for a picture.
Old, old Claudie woken for a picture.

Other Tidbits:

Big, sweet, scholarly Loial, book and ink well in one hand, pen in another. Plus that big, deadly axe resting on his shoulder. Wow! Love the imagery.

Did I miss something? Rand travels from Cairhein back to Andor and finds out there are several (10?) Aes Sedai staying at some inn, right? He then thinks he should warn Taim, but then he wonders why Taim didn’t already no, because for certain Taim would have told him. Did I misunderstand that? So, if I have that correct, this is just one more thing to add to the ‘Reasons to Distrust Mazrim Taim’ list. I think I need to get this list to Rand before Taim does him in one way or another.

Haha! Did anyone else take delicious enjoyment in Rand and the Wise Ones completely ignoring the demands, foot stomping, and pouting of the Aes Sedai?

6 thoughts on “A Crown of Swords Read Along Part II”

  1. Yeah, I know what you mean about Faile. I think I tend to like her just because she’s Perrin’s girl, but she’s definitely frustrating sometimes. The image of Loial taking notes as fast as he could while pillar-shaking events are taking place was definitely funny. Good ole Loial. And yes, it’s always nice when Aes Sedai get, at least somewhat, put in their place. In a way, probably the best way to put them there is to ignore them, as Rand and the Asha’men have done. He’s definitely learning. 😀

  2. 1. I agree that he needs to get rid of the Shaido, and Sevanna, ASAP, but I think that might be a very difficult task to accomplish. I imagine that he will be married pretty quickly once Elayne and Aviendha turn up and tell him what’s what! 😀

    2. I think you are probably right about Gaul – perhaps he should try to find a more suitable partner somewhere else.

    3. I had a great deal of difficulty seeing Faile as a maid as well: I imagine she was about as good at it as Sulin was! I wonder if we sympathize so much with Perrin that we find it difficult to like Faile? I agree with you: she is not the most likable woman at the moment, so I hope that she improves soon.

    4. I am not sure how long she will remain as a farmer before something removes her from Rand’s list of problems.

    5. The whole Faile-Berelain thing really annoys me because Faile handles it so badly. Why does she not simply ignore Berelain’s attempts to annoy her and just song Perrin’s face off in public at every opportunity? Her continued anger is precisely what her enemy enjoys . . .

    7. Good point about the prophecy. Also, I agree that Egwene is likely to need to give them all a good Power-kicking at some point to reinforce her position.

    I loved Loial trying to make notes during the big confrontation, but I hate seeing him with that big axe: it is just so NOT him! 🙁

    I think the Aes Sedai are yet another delegation and they have only just arrived. However, I have no idea where they have come from as we haven’t heard of a third faction.

    1. It seems that Berelain is a pretty capable person. Too bad she gets her kicks fucking with people the way she does. I hope Faile and Perrin learn to simply go hunting together the next time Berelain tries it.

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