Lord of Chaos Read Along Part IX

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Chapters 46-51 were covered this week. Spoilers lurk below!

1. So the meeting that we have all been waiting for took place and Perrin met his in-laws. Perrin found the whole thing rather confusing, and I have to say that I agree with him: either Saldaeans are all crazy or it is just this particular family. What did you think of the encounters and do you think he will succeed in ruling his wife in a suitable fashion from now on?

I think once again we see Robert Jordan has all the characters’ hormones stuck at about age 16. Throughout the series, we see this constant competition, or sniping, back and forth between the sexes, and this was simply more of it. Mother and daughter are trying to outwit the men; the men are simply trying to keep up. And then we also have daughter trying to outsmart mother. All together, I think it was a test to see who could be pushed and how far. Luckily, Perrin was oblivious to much of this and simply stood his ground. He’s a smart lad. 🙂

2. Aiel attacking Aes Sedai: what is the world coming to? Any guesses as to who instigated the attack on Demira and why they let her survive?

This could be 1 of 2 things.

1) Some Aiel took in to their own heads and hands to send a message to the Aes Sedai to leave Rand alone. They were smart enough to know not to kill the Aes Sedai, as they simply wanted to get the message, “we can and will hurt you,’ through to them. Bodies are so much harder to deal with.

2) They were either Shaido or not Aiel at all. Whoever they were wanted shit to go down between Rand and the Aes Sedai and what better way to instigate that than to parade as Aiel and wound an Aes Sedai near to death. As Egwene found out, most people never look beyond the garb to see if the wearer is truly Aiel. This is my preferred theory.

3. Ebou Dar is certainly proving to be interesting. Any suggestions as to why Nynaeve is so upset with Mat? Also, what were your impressions of Tylin?

Nynaeve did kick Mat pretty darn hard for little reason when they were all reunited. Nynaeve use to be able to get away with stern look, a sharp tongue, and few hits or kicks back when she was Wisdom. But she isn’t that anymore. And Mat isn’t some punk kid with a badger either. So, I think she is worried that 1) Mat may give her a kick, or a spanking (and not the fun kind) or 2) She will be forced to apologize for her juvenile behavior. We all know how she hates to apologize. 🙂

Was Tylin the Queen? If so, I am so glad that meeting turned out well. She was regal and strong and courteous. Once the ice thawed, they actually had a meaningful and pleasant conversation.

4. Yay, Loial is back and being all nervous and cute about Erith trying to track him down! No need to ask if you are happy to see him, but do you think he will abandon his friends and spend the rest of the War in a Stedding if she catches up with him?

I think Erith will have to come along for the ride. I expect that the Ogier as a whole will be reluctant to join in the Last Battle, but Rand & crew will need their strength and wisdom. Loial, and perhaps Erith, will be the ones to talk or bully or shame the Elders into joining.

It is a quite cute. Loial isn’t ready to give up his travels yet, but he is interested in Erith. Hopefully she is the adventurous type.

5. On a scale of one to eleven, how stupid was Demira’s attempt to chastise the Dragon Reborn by making herself look big and shouting at him? Also, what do you think of Kiruna’s great plans to bring him to heel?

Ah, these ladies. You almost pity them. Almost.

Hooray for Min! If she had not rushed ahead on her mighty steed (Rosey Thorn? What is the mare’s name?), Rand would have been caught off guard. I think things would have gone quite messily then. rand might not have been able to lock down a surprised Lews Therin, and if Lews grabbed saidin and tore lose at the Aes Sedai….well, that would have solved things temporarily and created a larger problem for them to solve later.

Is it just me, or are all the Aes Sedai (even the good ones) getting rather narrow-minded and thinking a little too highly of themselves? was Moiraine the only one with a wider world view and appreciation for things and people not Aes Sedai? So, Kiruna’s plans. Yes. Well, I expect, since they are built on ego and faulty info, they will fall apart and she will rant and fume and perhaps even cry over it. If she doesn’t end up dead.

6. Berelain seems to be trying to give Faile a very good reason to stab her to death, but poor Perrin is getting all the blame, of course. Any idea what Berelain is doing and how Perrin is going to repair his marriage? Do you think Faile is handling this in a sensible and mature way?

First, I think Berelain is doing this for personal amusement – she likes watching Perrin blush and stammer and flee and she likes watching Faile fume and stamp her little foot.

Second, Faile is being a dumb ass. If you trust another person, in this case Perrin, with your life, your money pouch, your bed, your reputation, why not trust his penis? Perrin has given Faile no reason to believe he is interested in pursuing another woman. If I was Perrin, I would be deeply hurt by Faile’s lack of trust when it is so blatantly obvious that Berelain is of zero interest.

How will Perrin repair the marriage? Well, I think it is up to Faile to repair it as she has done the most damage through her irrational and misplaced jealously. But I do expect sooner or later Perrin will have to put his foot down with either one or both of the ladies. Perhaps Faile will get her bum spanked again?

7. Holy boxes of Dragon Reborn, Batman! They actually went ahead and took Rand! I think we all knew that the Tower envoy might try something like this, but were you surprised by how well it worked? Any ideas on what has happened to Min?

That was smooth. Very smooth. Rand has a reputation for taking off without his Aiel escort and without leaving word. So the Aes Sedai reporting that the Dragon Reborn left during their audience raised no suspicions. But gosh, folding a big man like Rand into that chest. That must have sucked!

As for Min….well, she was with the Aes Sedai, so I fear they also have her tied up somewhere….and if she were a minor character, I would be concerned that she would be dead.

8. Now that Rand has been captured, what do you expect to happen? Will someone eventually work out that he is missing? Will Loial Hulk-out and tear all the Aes Sedai’s heads off? Arghhhhhhh!!!!!!!

Well, this is a cluster fuck. 🙁 I really hope that someone notices soon that Rand is missing, but because of his reputation for taking off, I fear that it will be 2-4 days before anyone really worries. And once someone does worry, how will they figure out where he is? I mean, the Aes Sedai aren’t going to stay in place with him, right? They will be on the move.

So let’s say they figure it out this book, I expect the Aiel will all veil themselves, grab as many spears and knives they can carry, and head off in all directions if they don’t know where he is. Loial will probably ride with Perrin and, hopefully, Faile to chronicle their attempt to rescue Rand.

As for the Aes Sedai who did this, I really really hope that Rand gets to punish at least some of them once he is unfolded from the chest. So, hear that Aiel! Don’t kill them all. Not immediately, anyways.

Other Tidbits:

Hmm…marking your kids on your dagger hilt. That’s a new way to ‘notch the belt’.

Demira is being used, and by Verrin. I am not sure I like Verrin anymore. She was the book geek, the scientist, the nerdy detail-oriented, info-seeking Aes Sedai. Now I think she is manipulative on so many levels. She needs a sign: Do Not Trust!

10 thoughts on “Lord of Chaos Read Along Part IX”

  1. I think Min’s mare is called Wildrose. Reminds me of that Kylie Minogue and Nick Cave song.

    About Verin: Ho-hum 😀

    Very likely the “Aiel” were Fain’s. I think they were described as having sunken and fearful eyes, which sounds like his MO.

    1. Yes , Verin = ho-hum. And that’s true about these “Aiel” with sunken eyes. Didn’t think of that. There were a lot of details I couldn’t remember much about in this section, but I think you’re right there. 😀

    2. Yeah, that’s a little creepy.

      I like you’re idea that the stabby Aiel are really Fain’s minions. It would make sense that Fain’s plan would be pretty straightforward.

  2. I know what you mean about Faile–it irritates me when she acts like this–but I do think it has something to do with her upbringing, and I tend to focus my wrath on Berelain. A good point about the Aiel maybe not being Aiel at all, based on Egwene’s experience. Didn’t think of that. You’re right with most of your observations here. Aiel: probably gonna freak out when they realize; Verin: very manipulative, don’t trust her, etc.

    1. Good point about the upbringing….but it’s a wide world and Faile doesn’t need to judge Perrin by her cultural norms alone.

      I really, really look forward to the Aiel freaking out. 🙂

    2. I agree that Berelain is the prime target of my anger: she is doing this for simple amusement, not because she actually wants Perrin all that much. I really do hope someone gives her a good slapping.

  3. 1. I can’t decide if they are all crazy, juvenile or just from a different culture, as Elvind suggests. I know that they are very frustrating and I don’t envy Perrin one bit.

    2. Yep, it all points to someone trying to implicate the Aiel and, yet again, the Aes Sedai are too pig-headed to really assess the situation.

    3. No wonder Mat is confused: these women are all crazy! 😀

    4. I think Erith might very well be the type to give Loial the freedom he needs – after all, she travelled out of the Stedding to find him, so she is relatively daring for an Ogier.

    5. It isn’t just you: they all need a very good slapping in my opinion. I think some are finally getting it, but Kiruna isn’t one of them.

    6. You just like the idea of Perrin spanking Faile so that we can get to some more sexytimes, go on, admit it! 😀

    7. I think we can rest assured that Min is safe, but I suspect that she might look a little rougher than she did.

    8. I am really looking forward to Rand’s revenge on some of these sisters, although I wonder if they will survive long enough to face any form of judgement.

    Or a notch on the bedpost?

    I am not sure what Verin’s game is at this point – in the past she has been very helpful to Rand, but now she seems to be working against the Salidar Aes Sedai for some reason that I can’t work out.

    This week’s reading has been so confusing! 😀

  4. Lol! Yes, I like the idea of Perrin giving Faile a spanking…and now that you mention it, perhaps Faile likes it too and is trying to provoke Perrin into doing so. Faile, honey, it’s OK to ask for what you want in the bedroom.

    Yes, i don’t know what to make of Verin, but at this point, I am not going to advise Rand to trust her.

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