A Crown of Swords Read Along: The Schedule

Old, old Claudie woken for a picture.
Old, old Claudie woken for a picture.

Hello Everyone! The WoT Quad will be continuing our book madness with Book 7, A Crown of Swords, in Robert Jordan’s epic series, The Wheel of Time. I will be joined by my fellow bloggers, Sue from Coffee, Cookies, & Chili Peppers, and Liesel from Musings on Fantasia. We’re also joined by our awesome commenter and WoT Expert, Eivind.

Want to join us? Want the discussion questions a few days ahead of time? Leave me a comment or email me, nrlymrtl [at] gmail [dot] com, with WoT in the subject and we’ll get you on the email list.

Dec. 29th Week 1: Prologue – Chapter 2 (102 pages) MoF
Jan. 5th Week 2: Chapter 3 – Chapter 8 (102 pages) CCCP
Jan. 12th Week 3: Chapter 9 – Chapter 12 (111 pages) Eivind
Jan. 19th Week 4: Chapter 13 – Chapter 18 (107 pages) DoD
Jan. 26th Week 5: Chapter 19 – Chapter 24 (97 pages) MoF
Feb. 2nd Week 6: Chapter 25 – Chapter 30 (106 pages) CCCP
Feb. 9th Week 7: Chapter 31 – Chapter 37 (117 pages) DoD
Feb. 16th Week 8: Chapter 38 – END (117 pages) Eivind

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