Twisted by Uvi Poznansky

PoznanskyTwistedWhy I Read It: It seemed intriguing and macabre at the same time. Plus, I really like this cover art.

Where I Got It: A review copy from the author (thanks!).

Who I Recommend This To: Those who enjoy the darker twist to a story, but don’t want the gore, would find this entertaining.

Narrator: Heather Jane Hogan

Publisher: Self-published (2013)

Length: 2 hours and 24 minutes

Author’s Page

Through a collection of 4 short stories, Uvi Poznansky takes the reader through the odd, the dark, the twisted with intelligence and artful form. I Am What I Am is the longest of the four, delving into the afterlife of Job’s wife, where she is faced with a tough choice while endeavoring to reclaim her lost name. I, Woman features a clay figure experiencing life as soft, unfired clay. But will she continue to do so? The Hollow was the shortest of the four, focusing on a woman longing for what was lost as she experiences free fall. Finally, we have The One Who Never Leaves, which is told through the complaintive thoughts of an old, dilapidated cat.

I am hard put to say which was my favorite. I Am What I Am drew me in right away with the mystery of who this dead woman was. Not being familiar with Christian tales, I nevertheless enjoyed the rock and hard place Job’s wife found herself between. She did a lot of sighing, but if I were her, I would probably do so too….or cuss. I, Woman was sensual and full of creativity, just as I imagine sculpting with clay would be. Even though this was short, the main character grew over the space of the tale, at first thinking little of her clay companion, then coming to appreciate any communication with him, and finally, afraid of what lay before her, missing his constant presence. Perhaps this was my favorite.

The Hollow went by a little too quickly for me, leaving a rather ghostly impression on me. Perhaps it was meant to do so as the woman was in free fall. The book ended with an unlooked for surprise in the last story, The One Who Never Leaves. It is all told from a cat’s perspective, tamed, trapped in domesticity. Being the servant to several cats, I completely connected with this story, recognizing that predatory glint in my cat’s eyes, as captured by the disgruntled feline of this story.

In short, this is an excellent collection of short tales. Each was unique, standing on it’s own merits. I also loved that each was told through female eyes, allowing one more layer of connection.

The Narration: Heather Jane Hogan provided clear, distinct voices, and even went extra lengths to give Satan in the first tale an unearthly tone. My only minor criticism was that the pacing was slow; however this may have been by request of the author.

What I Liked: Each was a unique story; definite femininity to the collection; macabre with intelligence and without the gore; a cat story laced with feline malice!; I loved the cover art.

What I Disliked: The pacing of the narration was just a touch slow.

2 thoughts on “Twisted by Uvi Poznansky”

  1. “darker twist to a story, but don’t want the gore,” That perfectly describes the way I feel about horror stories in any form. I don’t mind a dark twist or darker overtones, but I don’t want gore. No torture porn for me, thank you. I like to get a good chill, not be disgusted.

    Interesting cover on that audio version.

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