Lord of Chaos Read Along Part IV

JordanLordOfChaosBannerHello All! This week Liesel of Musings on Fantasia is our host. Make sure to swing by her site for cool, and non-spoilery, fan art. You can also catch Eivind over there. Our fourth in the WoT Quad is Sue over at Coffee, Cookies, & Chili Peppers.

This week we covered chapters 12-16. Spoilers range free below!

1) Nynaeve, gutsy as ever, managed to find an open window and eavesdrop on what was happening in the Little Tower behind the wards. What do you think was being talked about? Later, Sheriam mentions not wanting to tell Nynaeve and Elayne what only a handful of (women) in the world know. What do you think the Salidar Aes Sedai are planning?

I think the Salidar Aes Sedai have been asked to hand over Elayne and probably Nynaeve to Elaida as a sign of goodwill and the first step in reconciling. At least some of the Salidar Aes Sedai are considering it, which makes me want to piss in their morning porridge! After seeing what was done to Leane and Siuan, I want to believe that none of the Salidar AS would consider reconciliation. But that would be boring and simple. Besides, I expect that some of the Salidar AS are tired of ‘roughing it’ by being so for from a power center.

2) In T’A’R, Nynaeve and Elayne find a bowl ter’angreal hidden in a dusty store room in Ebou Dar. They only know that T’A’R pointed them to it as something that might bring the Little Tower around to supporting Rand. What do you think it does and how–if at all–will it help bring Rand support?

First, I have to say that Nynaeve and Elayne squeezing eyes and buttcheeks and having a great need, all in sync, was a bit of a weak plot device. If this works for locating some forgotten about ter’angreal, then why haven’t they done this before to locate other items or people or places? I am guessing that other WoT fans have asked this same question.

Elayne is convinced it has something to do with weather control, which could be a big bonus for whichever side finds it and figures out how to use it. People need some rain and snow and nipply weather to make them happy. The great, sweating masses will flock to whoever’s banner that can make it happen.

3) Egwene was sucked into Gawyn’s dream where there were professions of love, make out sessions and, from the way her face heated when she woke, probably some sexy times. What do you think of Gawyn’s professions of love and the fact that Egwene seems to reciprocate? What do you think their future looks like?

Yeah for G-rated sexytimes! I can always hope for details…..hey, that’s what the fan art is for, right?

I think Gawyn believes he is in love with her, but he hardly knows her. Still, from strong feelings can grow the real thing, not just a needy libido. Hooray for Egwene! Perhaps she isn’t the prude I feared she was turning into. I expect that sooner or later these two will meet up again, unless Rand is forced to kill him because Gawyn can’t stop to listen for 3 minutes. That would put a damper on the Egwene-Gawyn relationship. Supposing neither is killed and neither kills someone the other loves, they will have an awkward first few meetings and once they start chatting about dreams they will happily go lock themselves behind a door for a few days while they get to know each other better :).

4) Nynaeve and Elayne link with the other Salidar women to guard against another bubble of evil. What do you think of the linking process (useful? will we see it again?) and what do you make of Anaiya’s apparent disappointment that it was a bubble of evil and not one of the Forsaken?

I noticed that not all the women were asked to link, but rather were swept up into it. Yes, it is an emergency situation, but I would feel better if Elayne and Nynaeve, and later Egwene, could guard against it. What is the linkee is doing something you disagree with? One needs to be able to break loose or not be a part of it if the linkee is up to evil…..like cutting a male Aes Sedai off from the Power, perhaps permanently. So, with that in mind, of course we will see it again.

Anaiya’s name simply sounds evil, like the sharpened edge of a tongue or knife. Perhaps her little stink in Salidar was to be over once the Forsaken showed themselves? Perhaps that would have been her signal to let loose and toss some bitchy Aes Sedai around? Hell, if I worked for the Evil Side, I know I would look forward to putting some pepper down some Aes Sedai bodices and then sewing them into their dresses.

5) Rand meets with a handful of Andoran nobles. What is your impression of them, especially Dyelin? Do you think they are sincere? Does Dyelin truly not want power herself and seek to see Elayne on the throne? Will they be a help or a hindrance to Rand?

Nobles = Hindrance

That’s how it goes in this series, me thinks. I’m guessing that Dyelin wisely doesn’t want to rule in Rand’s name in Andor. That’s what it would be – in name. I am sure the ruler would have a good dose of autonomy, but if they went against Rand’s wishes on something, they would have to be seriously concerned. And that is why it would be best if the ruler was Elayne because she could at least push back at Rand and not worry about being turned into a charcoal flame or having the breath squeezed out of them, etc.

6) We get confirmation here that Tigraine was Rand’s mother, and he muses on all the things that had to happen–including many deaths–so that he could be born at the proper time to save the world. General thoughts and impressions on this?

Boy, is this going to add to Rand’s guilt trip majorly! I wonder what little tidbit of ancient death and destruction, or current necessity and mayhem, will be the final straw that pushes him into the Martyr Syndrome? Oh wait, he’s already there :).

I need a family tree. Tigraine was married to so and so, and they had Galad together, right? Then Tigraine disappears in the Aiel waste and her little sister, Morgase marries Lord so and so, who dies. Correct me when I start getting this wrong. So Morgase marries again, and has Elayne and Gawyn. Meanwhile. Tigraine has had Rand  and passed away. So this makes Rand and Elayne first cousins, right? Am I right!?! This means Rand has been playing suck face with his first cousin?

You know how I just mentioned Rand’s guilt trip of wrongs (real or not) that he believes he’s committed is going to send him into Martyr Syndrome? Well, this little revelation might just make his sterile.

7) Sammael offers a truce, which Rand rejects. Do you think he was right to do so? What do you think Sammael will do now?

Rand could have accepted and then planned an attack of some kind. That would have been the smart thing, but Rand is still 1) too honorable and 2) too stupid to do this. Sammael might have been using this as a short delaying tactic. I expect that if Rand had said yes, and meant it, Sammael would keep scheming and planning to take Rand out. He wouldn’t wait for the Final Battle if he saw an opportunity. I expect that Sammael will continue to scheme and rally his forces, shore up his borders, etc.

Other Tidbits:

Nynaeve finally managed to grab saidar during the bubble of evil. She was still hard on herself, thinking that she was useless. Sigh….speaking of that martyr syndrome, it seems to be catching.

Elayne seems to be letting her students set themselves and each other on fire…..a little too often.

Berelain is in charge? Did I miss that? She’s efficient and seems to have stopped blatantly chasing Rand.

6 thoughts on “Lord of Chaos Read Along Part IV”

  1. For 2, yeah, I understand your concerns. I don’t think that the bowl was intended (by TAR) as a way to bring support to Rand. My theory is that TAR shows you what you need, not necessarily what you want, or think you need. And from the author’s point of view this is more about kickstarting the next plotline, one that will last for a long time and is about more than just finding that bowl. In hindsight, Elayne’s idea that they’d just skip down to Ebou Dar for a couple of days, dig up a bowl and then return is laughably optmistic.

    As far as 6 goes, so-and-so’s name is Taringail, but let’s call him Mr. T because I tend to mix up him and Tigraine. So yeah, Tigraine and Mr. T was married and they had Galad. Then Tigraine vanished, and Morgase, who is *not* related to Tigraine, won the succession. To repair relations with Cairhien she married the widower Mr. T and pumped out two new babies, Gawyn and Elayne. Elayne’s the daughter of Morgase and Mr. T while Rand’s the son of Tigraine and whatshisname (Janduin?). So they are not related.

    Berelain joined the show somewhere off-screen between books five and six, I think. Hope it makes more sense now that I didn’t consider her such a total bitch previously. She is really good at this thing and aside from the manhunting she’s kind of like Bashere—refreshingly free of bullshit.

    1. Thanks for the family tree on Rand. That clears up several of my questions and also I no longer have to worry about Elayne and Rand some day having kids that grow up with low IQs and funny teeth.

  2. Ditto on the history. Eivind explained it well. They technically aren’t related, though it does make for soap-opera-y flow charts, doesn’t it? I totally forgot about Elayne and her fire-starter students! So funny! 😀

  3. 1. I also hoped that the Aes Sedai would refuse the offer of reunification, but they are a bunch of self-serving cowards so that might be a bit too much to expect from them. I would also suspect that at least some of the sisters in Salidar are Black Ajah, so they will be more than happy to mess things up as badly as possible.

    2. Of course, the great sweating masses will almost all soil themselves if they are told that the weather has been fixed by some Aes Sedai witchcraft . . .

    4. I get the impression that the Forsaken think that the Aes Sedai are laughable and too puny to be of concern. Ouch!

    5. I know it seems amazing that Dyelin might be a genuinely loyal person who will support Elayne’s claim up until the point when she is sure that the Daughter-Hier is dead . . . but I think she is that simple. We are so used to everyone being out for themselves that this attitude is almost unthinkable, isn’t it?

    6. No – Elayne and Rand are not blood relations at all – his mother had Galad with her father. So Galad is his half-brother, but Elayne is just a step-sister. Thank goodness there is no icky incest issues here!

    7. In some ways I can see the argument for agreeing to a truce but basically carrying on as if it wasn’t there. But that would not look good to the other leaders, who don’t know, or believe, that Sammael is one of the Forsaken. So it would be a bit of a political disaster for Rand to do that.

    Oh yes – I forgot about Berelain ruling in Cairhien . It was mentioned in passing as if it was unimportant, but it set my ears twitching because it seemed a rather risky move. But then, she has survived all the political machinations in Tear so far, so perhaps she is a good choice.

    1. I read everyone’s comments on Dyelin and I think I can be persuaded to like her. Hopefully we will get to see more of her in this book.

      Yeah, Berelain ruling and doing it well. It is nice that she isn’t using every trick in the book to gain power – now that she has it. She seems quite satisfied with ruling what she is ruling.

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