Things Change

Because I like books.
Because I like books.

The only constant is change.

As much as I have tried to embrace that idea over the past year, I have decided that I want some control over the changes. Hence, I started a home business this past May, and this week I put in my 2 weeks’ notice at work. My last day shall be Halloween, October 31, 2013. It is very fitting.

So, what does this mean for you dear readers? Well, once I catch up on my sleep and sanity returns, that means I will be on the blogosphere more often. I do so miss it. I feel like I have only managed to keep a toe-hold in this world over the last several months. I love visiting everyone’s blogs, even if I am only in Silent Stalker Mode, and I am hoping to get back to making that a daily part of my life. Also, I have several book reviews I am behind on. Tsk, tsk.

As some of you know, my summer was crazy. My Main Man (yes, he picked that code name himself, and yes, it makes him grin) took an EMT course over the summer. It was wicked cool and wicked tiring, for both of us, at the same time. This is an intense course that requires 24 hours class time a week, for 8 weeks. He also did his 40 hours at his job each week. Basically, I saw him Sundays, and mostly I watched him eat & sleep. We have a small farm, and I started a home business, so things were pretty freaking busy for me too.

Here is a pile of sock rugs. Yep, lots & lots of socks were mutilated in the making of these rugs.
Here is a pile of sock rugs. Yep, lots & lots of socks were mutilated in the making of these rugs.

Then there was the flood. We still haven’t got all the fencing back up yet. There were some other super intense incidents that all happened back to back in August and for a while I felt very overwhelmed and rather disconnected at the same time. I am sure some, if not most, of you have had times like that. To all those who kept commenting on my blog, who kept me involved in read alongs and other bookish nonsense, thank you! You were my sanity there for several weeks.

Anyhoo, life is finally decompressing, and my home business is growing and doing great. So, it was time to walk away from the steady paycheck of government work, and the bureaucratic abuse of cubicleville.

So, my bloggity friends, November you should see my whimsical self more often on your blogs with insightful (or snarky) comments. To all those that I owe interviews of, you’re on my list – you have not been forgotten. To all those who I promised to review books, you’re on a different list – don’t worry, it’s a good list. You have not been forgotten.  Anyone else who I owe something too, shoot me an email or leave me a comment.

If there is anyone still left reading this who cares, I am a weaver now and you can catch me at I am also a free-lance editor and right now I am cheap because I am just starting out. That info is on the side bar under Editing Services.


Here is an artsy wool rug. Sky Stones - because you have to name such pieces something.
Here is an artsy wool rug. Sky Stones – because you have to name such pieces something.

12 thoughts on “Things Change”

    1. Yeah for Silent Stalker Mode! Yes, it was a scary step, but I am elated to be taking it. It was really hard going to work and not knowing who my management would be nor what tasks they would put me to, on a weekly basis.

  1. Yey! I’m so excited for all of these things! Also you owe me… something awesome and friend-y… like internet hugs 😀 Yes, I distinctly remember being promised internet hugs >.>

  2. congrats on doing what is right for you, at the time when you need to do it! i’m looking forward on getting your insiders view on the editing thing. also, sock rugs ROCK.

  3. Hey, sorry I completely missed this post – well done you. This is awesome and also, I’ve never heard of a sock rug – you don’t have much call for them when you live under a rock after all!
    Good luck – you won’t need it but you’re getting it anyway.
    Lynn 😀

    1. I think a sock rug could greatly improve your decor under your rock :). I have to be insane for just over another week – which will be the last of 3 back-to-back weaving shows. Then nothing until early December. I will be able to breath again.

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