Guest Post: Why Is It I Can Wear Pants But He Can’t Borrow My Skirt?

Everyone, please welcome Oliver Pearl, author of The Last Gentle Dentist. He is guest posting here today, and I am most glad he did. There’s also a giveaway (scroll to bottom for details). Enjoy!

Why is it I can wear pants but he can’t borrow my skirt? – A bit of chitchat on odd sexism.

He absolutely can. And he soon will. I was at the Burning Man earlier this month and I lost count of men parading in kilts, togas, skirts and such. To overcompensate their natural and well hidden confusion those men carried themselves with extra pride and panache. They looked like warriors. I, myself, had no choice but to wrap myself into one just to see what the fuss is all about. Skirts are comfortable, pragmatic and provide an infinite number of opportunities to show good legs and clean underwear. I cautiously foresee a spill of man skirts to grow into an avalanche in not so distant future.

Women found themselves to be viewed as sexually liberated and audacious not so long ago when they started wearing pants. It’s high time for men who are men enough to wear skirts to finally charge our streets with their unconcealed masculinity.

Oliver Pearl’s Bio:
Age: Early Forties
Place Of Birth: At Sea
Physical Description: Reclusive, yet to be seen
Residence: South of France

PearlLastGentleDentistThe Last Gentle Dentist

ISBN-10: 0988887703
ISBN-13: 978-0988887701
Print Length: 200 pages
Publisher: Suggestive Books
Published: February 14, 2013
Genre: Literary Fiction
Format: Print & Digital

Based on actual events, spanning continents from San Francisco to Paris, from Amsterdam to Odessa, from New York to Siberia, The Last Gentle Dentist is a novel about a modern age Casanova, a romantic-vigilante, who is fond of pain medications and elective plastic surgery, whose life is a tumultuous river running with the speed of a putrid pond, which makes an unexpected turn when he goes on the run from the law due to charges of medical fraud.

“The narrator finds himself a wanted man and begins his odyssey through Europe and America, a fast-paced and often sexually explicit journey from one stranger’s bed, couch, bathroom and bungalow to the next.”-Kirkus Reviews

The novel has received honorary mention at the 2013 South West Book Festival and 2013 San Francisco Book Festival.

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8 thoughts on “Guest Post: Why Is It I Can Wear Pants But He Can’t Borrow My Skirt?”

  1. I’m not much of a skirt fan myself, but I would love to see men wearing them. I love to wear guys shirts and it’s just not fair that men can’t wear women’s clothing. Sounds like an interesting read.

    1. I totally agree with you. I find it interesting that skirt-wearing men today are facing the same issues women faced at the turn of the century when they started putting on pants. Folks, there was a time when the tunic (which is a the boring version of the dress) was a universal clothing item, for men & women.

  2. I’m a man who has embraced skirts for many a year and finally went public 24/7 365 where practical in early 2011. Don’t like Kilts, or Utilikilts but accept some men do. Unlike some I don’t get hung up about differing of choice. Too short and too ‘harsh’ for me. I have done what the modern woman has done under Feminism and invaded their wardrobe. My wife is fully behind me as too our friends and they concur on Kilts/Utilikilts. I have a website about men in skirts, the reasons why I do, why it is open to men in general if they wish. Basically gender equality, freedom of choice and individual rights provided no harm to the requirements of a civilised society is under taken. You cannot have an open and equal world so long as barriers are put on specific genders only. The reason for Feminism I thought.

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