According to Jennings by Anthony Buckeridge

BuckeridgeAccordingToJenningsWhy I Read It: I like the narrator Simon Vance and a few easy reads for the summer is great.

Where I Got It: A review copy via the publisher (thanks!).

Who I Recommend This To: Folks who enjoy kid boarding school stories would probably find this to their liking.

Narrator: Simon Vance

Publisher: Post Hypnotic Press (2012)

Length: 4 hours 29 minutes

Series: Book 6 The Jennings Series

While this is not Book 1 in the series, it works well as a stand alone novel.

This book is a series of small adventures and mischiefs in the lives of Jennings and Darbishire, two boarding school boys at Linbury Court in the early 1900s England. Jen is often the leader of the games or mischief while Darby more than often pays the price for the mischief. In this installment, the boys are engaged in a round of aliens versus astronauts while patron General Merridew is visiting the school. Mistaking his post-lunch snores in one of the upper floor libraries for the competitive team, the boys lock Merridew in and then taunt him in what was probably at the time pretty rude language. The adventures continue with a cricket game, capturing a pickpocket, a swim competition, inadvertent paint damage, and a misunderstanding about a teacher being gone for a weekend.

By and large, this tale is an easy read with clever little twists, providing a wholesome story. To me, it almost struck as a remembrance of simpler times with fewer worries (if there ever was such a time). There’s no swearing, not violence, no sex, no smoking, no drinking, etc. I know – so not me. But, nevertheless, I enjoyed this little jaunt down tame Boys’ Boarding School Lane. I especially enjoyed some of the crazy exclamations the boys had – ‘Petrified Paintpots!’, ‘Cristalized Cheesecakes’, and ‘Fossilized Fishhooks!’. Yes, Anthony Buckeridge had me laughing out loud with his creativeness.

While there are few females even mentioned, and only 1 female character, they are treated respectfully. Still, a female reader might find less connection to this story than male readers.

Narration: Simon Vance is always a treat. I especially enjoyed his blustering voice for Merridew, the occasionally whining school boy, and all the funny exclamations used throughout the story.

What I Liked: Mischievous boys; Merridew’s reaction to being locked in the library; Jen & Darby have to work out how to share a gift; boyish exclamations.

What I Disliked: Only 1 minor female character.

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