The Unidentified Funny Objects Read Along Part II

ShvartsmanUFOUnidentified Funny Objects is a collection of short stories, all science fiction or fantasy, that are ridiculous, punny, humorous, and sometimes just plain silly. Back in February or March, I brought you an interview with the editor of Unidentified Funny Objects, Alex Shvartsman. He’s pretty fascinating to read about, so check that out if you get a chance. There is also the read-at-your-own-pace read along going on on Goodreads for this book. Obviously, I got a little sidetracked with life, but now I am back into this book and plan to finish it out with regular read along updates. Alex Shvartsman also has some free short stories of this same ilk up on the UFO website. I have included links to the authors’ websites when I could easily find them.

The Day They Repossessed My Zombies by K. G. Jewell

Ted has a problem, or rather several. His witchy girlfriend Andrea broke up with him, leaving a note in blood. He also had his zombies repossessed because he was late on the lease, which means me can’t scrap those school buses sitting out back. Obviously he has a cash flow problem and in seeking a loan from the usual sources he ends up with a few broken fingers. Then he remembers a politician who once offered to buy his middle name, but approaching her is a little tricky as she is the mother of his former girlfriend. This tale was a fun swift read that went by too quickly. I enjoyed the wit and the use of zombies in recycling.

Love Thy Neighbors by Ken Liu

This was one of my favorites of the collection. Kasper Filip goes on the McComber Talk Show where WikiGenes are the highlight: penguins, pandas, manatees. The biologist in me found this both amusing and slightly scarey.

The Alchemist’s Children by Nathaniel Lee

Jen (15) and Newt (18) are brainiacs at college. Their parents are divorced, the father being an alchemist. There were lots of science bits (hooray!) and a little bit of making fun of Harry Potter (which was almost OK, me being a fan of the Harry Potter series).

The Fifty One Suitors of Princess Jamatpie by Leah Cypess

Jamatpie is being courted left and right. All her female relatives have suggestions on who she should marry. Finally, her maidservant suggests a lottery. Jamatpie thinks this a good idea. It was a cute story.

If You Act Now by Sergey Lukyanenko

I found this story very clever. Aliens arrive in Earth’s orbit and start peddling some marvelous tech in exchange for metals and art. Or is it so marvelous? How about cold-tolerant bananas? Radiation-loving bacteria that makes ethanol? Hehe, you might be surprised by the ending.

No Silver Lining by Zach Shephard

There’s a sports competition among fairy creatures; yeti, werewolf, hobgoblin, etc. This was cute & clever, but a little too short. I definitely wanted more.

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