Torn from Troy by Patrick Bowman

BowmanTornFromTroyWhy I Read It: I love adventure stories that incorporate ancient myths and history.

Where I Got It: From the publisher via Audiobook Jukebox (thanks!)

Who I Recommend This To: If you enjoy the Iliad & other ancient stories, this is a fun retelling.

Narrator: Gerard Doyle

Publisher: Post Hypnotic Press (2013)

Length: 5 hours 28 minutes

Series: Book 1 Odyssey of a Slave

Troy has fallen and Alexi has lost his sister to the pillaging that ensued. He is taken captive by the Greeks and being one of the few Trojan slaves who understands Greek, is given keys tasks that bring him to the attention of the Captain, Odysseus. Alexi’s father was a chirugeon, a healer, and Alexi learned some of his skills before he passed away. Lucky for him, healers are always in need for a sea crew that goes from one isle to another looking for plunder. This tale follows the first of few adventures of Odysseus after the fall of Troy, but through the eyes of a 15 year old slave.

This book starts off int he thick of action with Troy’s defenses having succumbed to Odysseus’s trick (the Trojan Horse). Alexi and his older sister were orphaned during the lengthy years-long siege on Troy. Alexi himself is half-Greek and his heritage may put him in greater danger. While Alexi’s sister manages to kill one Greek soldier, she is also tossed hard against stone. Alexi believes her dead and is taken captive. While he is 15 years old, he is small for his age and lies when asked, claiming to be 12. So, right off we see that the boy can think on his feet.

Mostly high adventure but with a touch of brutal reality mixed in, we see that being a slave, even a talented one, is not an easy life. While Captain Lopex (Odysseus) is usually fair minded, he is also a trickster. Other slaves also populate Alexi’s life, including a motherly woman (Cimia?) who watches out for him and tries to make sure he eats. Pen, a young Greek warrior close to Alexi’s age, tries to build a friendship only to hide it from all the other Greeks. Urey is the main antagonist, having lost his brother to Alexi’s sister’s dagger.

With a full cast of characters, Patrick Bowman sets them into an ancient Greece full of dangers. Desperate for fresh water, the crew eventually land in the realm of the lotus eaters. Beautiful women inhabit this isle and feed, water, wine, and drug the men. Not all make it away safely. The men land on another isle seeking to trade for meat and other food supplies only to end up going toe-to-toe with a cyclops. Not only must Alexi survive these traps, he must constantly watch his back around Urey.

Bowman built in the distinctions between Greeks and Trojans, showing cultural and religious differences. Alexi has a sharp tongue and calls the Greeks idiots in one fashion or another one too many times. If he’s not careful, he could end up with some permanent marks.

Narration: Gerard Doyle was a great voice for Alexi, giving the impression of a boy on the cusp of manhood. His feminine voices could have used a little more variety, but this did not detract from my overall enjoyment of the book.

What I Liked: The slave’s point of view; retelling of the Iliad; sharp-tongued Alexi had me chuckling more than once; several side plots going that have me intrigued.

What I Disliked: Alexi is sometimes a slow learner and I occasionally felt the author relied a little too much on his sharp tongue for a little drama; only a few females, all with minor to in-passing roles.

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    1. Nay. If you have read it, or seen any of the numerous films/cartoons based on the Iliad, you will recognize the overall story arch. But if not, no worries.

    1. There’s still time. And if I made a list of all the books I should have read by now, I would be glowing with bookish shame all the way to my local library.

  1. Just wondering if you’d like to review the other books in this series? We released Cursed by the Sea God last year and have just released the third and final book, Arrow Through the Axes. Contact me at Post Hypnotic Press if you’re interested.

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