The Dragon’s Path Read Along Part I

Pico resting before dinner.
Pico resting before dinner.

So Carl from Stainless Steel Droppings is having a party over at Goodreads for The Dragon’s Path by Daniel Abraham. If you saw the schedule post I put up last week, then you already know that I was very excited to dig into this book.

There’s a lot of great commenting going on over at Goodreads at the group discussion, so I won’t reiterate all that here. Simply, this book is rocking my world.

The first quarter of the book (through page 137 in the paperback) has been intricate and enthralling. I love that there are all these different races of humans, many of which have animal characteristics and can interbreed. I am still getting use to this and haven’t gotten all the races down yet. I will have to check around for some fan art to help cement them in my mind.

The political intrigue is thick and has tendrils that are reaching out to touch everyone, from the high born to the lowest carter and actor. We’re just starting to scrap the surface on that and I look forward to seeing where it leads us and the characters as the plot unfolds.

The characters are complex and I like that we haven’t seen all their facets yet. There’s sword play, and quick talking, pretending to be something you’re not, and mules! Yes, I do enjoy me some equines in a story line.

So, if you have read this book, feel free to join everyone over at Goodreads. If you haven’t and want to catch up, there really isn’t any time limit on joining the discussion. Jump in when you can.

5 thoughts on “The Dragon’s Path Read Along Part I”

  1. Finally caught up! Good so far and looking forward very much to the next instalment. Very curious about the actor guy whose name and role just escapes me!
    Lynn 😀

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