Sky Pirates Over London by Michael Coorlim

CoorlimSkyPiratesOverLondonWhy I Read It: I received Book 2 (Maiden Voyage of the Rio Grande) in the Galvanic series for review and wanted to start with Book 1, which I thought was this one. Alas, this is Book 5, but I am not sorry I for having given it my time.

Where I Got It: Own it – from

Who I Recommend This To: Need a little lunch break and want some steampunk adventure? This is a fun one.

Narrator: Dawn Hyde

Publisher: Self-Published (2013)

Length: 1 hour 3 minutes

Series: Book 1 Chronicles of a Gentlewoman, Book 5 Galvic (or Galvanic) Century (Goodreads has it one way, Amazon the other)

In a steampunk London, Aldora Fiske sits having tea and discussing the recent airship shipping blockade with Alton Bartleby. It’s all very civilized, really, until a few teaspoons stick together, Alton shouts while throwing himself and Aldora through a glass window, and the sitting room explodes into kindling. Some sort of galvanic or voltaic (was someone distracted by a pouncing cat at that point?) weapon targeted either one or both of them and Aldora isn’t going to meekly tuck herself away. She decides a ‘vacation’ is in order to track down the maker of the weapon. With the help of drunken airship American pilot Jack Fowler, Aldora makes her attempt.

For such a short story, there is plenty of action and intrigue packed into this novelette. With a steampunk back ground, Michael Coorlim fills it with a practical and interesting lead lady (Aldora), some sword play, air ships, historical figures like Thomas Edison and Nikola Tesla, and hand to hand combat. There is plenty of good listening packed into this lunch-hour read. If I have any complaints, it is that sometimes the scenes shifted a little abruptly and I needed a few sentences to figure out where I was. Aesthetically, I love the cover art, and, you make think this a little silly, but the name Aldora Fiske is simply fun to say.

Dawn Hyde, our narrator, gave a prim and practical voice to Aldora. Sometimes her American accent for Jack Fowler drifted from one regional accent to another, but that is my only criticism.

What I Liked: Steampunk London; lead female; one on one combat; airships; historical figures; great cover art.

What I Disliked: Sometimes scenes shifted a little abruptly.

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