The Sex Chronicles: Shattering the Myth by Zane

ZaneSexChroniclesWhy I Read It: I like to know that there are other women who enjoy sex.

Where I Got It: A review copy from the publisher (thanks!).

Who I Recommend This To: this collection of stories would be of interest to single women or couples who want to explore.

Narrators: Hevin Hanover, Simi Howe, Krystal King, Jacqui Long

Publisher: Simon & Schuster (2013)

Length: 9 hours 57 minutes

This is a collection of short stories of the erotica nature, all told from the woman’s perspective. These are the fantasies of ladies and by and large have some romantic element and all focus on the woman’s pleasure. Not to say the men involved aren’t having a good time. The collection starts off pretty tame, then gets a little wild, and by the end the stories are, for most women, full-blown crazy, steamy fantasy. Most of the stories feature couples, though a few feature more than 2 participants. A few stories are parties or weekend-long events that have many people enjoying exploring their sexuality.

Most of these stories were fairly short, so they were perfect for folding laundry together with my man. Of course, I started the book on my own, but then noticed he was listening in here and there. So, I started making it a habit for folding the laundry. It’s amazing how much assistance I got with this menial chore while this book was on in the background ;). Many of the tales were sweet, but none stinted on the details. I loved that each and every one of them was focused on the woman’s pleasure and told from her point of view. While not every fantasy was for me, there was plenty there for my man and I to ‘discuss’ later.

I have a little confession to make: I didn’t realize this collection was not only written from women’s point of views, but from African-American women’s point of views. Honestly, I didn’t notice in particular until I started looking up the author in preparation for this review. I think women from any cultural background could find something to enjoy in this book. This is also my first exposure to Zane and her works, though I doubt it will be my last. Apparently, this book is also the basis for the same titled series on Cinemax. I may have search for that…..and perhaps my man could help with the vacuuming in the living room while it is on? ๐Ÿ˜‰

It was great to see that the featured women came from several walks of life: business woman, scientist, gym janitor, etc. If I have any complaints, it is a minor one: Sometimes the little pet names the lovers bestowed upon one another were the same story after story, which occasionally made it difficult to keep the stories distinct, the characters separate, in my mind. But, let’s be honest, I wasn’t listening to this book for the individual characters.

Our narrators, Hevin Hanover, Simi Howe, Krystal King, and Jacqui Long, did a great job, delivering story after story with no hesitancy or hint of inhibition. They provided a layer of sensuality in voice to this already sensual book. Additionally, when I hit a technical snag at ~5 hours in, Simon & Schuster technical people provided a solution straight away so that my listening pleasure did not have to be disrupted.

What I Liked: Great variety in story lines; all told from woman’s point of view; my man enjoyed the side benefits of this book.

What I Disliked: Sometimes, the pet names were a bit repetitive from story to story.

7 thoughts on “The Sex Chronicles: Shattering the Myth by Zane”

  1. I think this is the first time you had me laughing right from the get go: I like to know that there are other women who enjoy sex. That’s brilliant!

    1. I am my most entertaining when I am honest. I had fun writing this review, my first review on erotica, and I found it to be a little challenging if I wanted to keep it PG13.

  2. woohoo! Sexay! and too funny that having this on was how you got your hubby to help, ahem, fold the laundry. ๐Ÿ˜‰ you need to read more stuff like this so we can have more reviews!

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