The Elvenbane Read Along Part IV

Yes, Smudge does want to bite me.
Yes, Smudge does want to bite me.

Well, here we are again, wrapping up the second read along of the week. I hope folks have enjoyed reading the antics of The Elvenbane Read Along. I would like to give a hearty thanks to my partner in crime on this one, SJ from Snobbery. Make sure to stop by her place and catch her final thoughts on this book.

1. Valyn makes any interesting decision about how to handle Shana’s infatuation. How do you feel about how he handled it?

Dork. Big dork. He goes through this through process, attempting to use logic. However, he is not very good at it. Valyn has this fear that if he outright rejects Shana’s moves, she and Keman will abandon him and Mero to the wilds. So, he wants to forge a connection with her, can see she would enjoy some 2 legged family, and thinks, aha! I’ll have her and Mero get hand fasted. That will do the trick. Dork. I think Shana would have been quite happy, after some brief embarrassment, to have a half brother. A blood relative. valyn should have taken a few more minutes to think on this conundrum before acting.

2. Finally, out of illness and being on the loosing side of a desperate pursuit, Valyn suggests they seek refuge with his friend Triana. What did you find most interesting about Triana’s little world?

Well, I give her kudos for being a stubborn powerful women in a society that is severely lacking in any female leadership. However, she is still pretty twisted, hung up on her power trips. She pretty much treats all males as toys – and since most males in her world do the same to all females, I can see where she learned the behavior. Still, her nefarious plans for Mero, Valyn, and Shana and Keman put her in the Evil Column, which means that not only will she not receive any Winter Solstice presents, she will also have to die.

3. Shana made a wee little mistake in using a transportation spell directly to the Citadel, which can be traced. Comments on her mistake? Have you ever made such a huge blunder (unknowingly)?

Well, she didn’t know tracing was possible, but still, I would have thought it prudent to transport to some place nearby, and let everyone get their stories straight and their game faces on before going in to the Citadel. While I have never endangered a while city, or even a small village, I have made my share of blunders unknowingly. Most of them social. Except for that time I opened Pandora’s box – but only because she was teasing my mercilessly about what jewels she kept locked away inside.

4. Alas, all the wizardly guerrilla war tactics aren’t enough to keep the Elves from finding them. If you had been in the same situation, what additional tactics would you have brought into play?

Well, since the Wizards have the sneaky skills of theft….uh, I mean teleportation, I would be stealing all their supplies. I mean, we want them to go away, and life would be much more difficult with out food, blankets, flints (for starting fires), cutlery (because they are so civilized), harness (horses don’t behave well without harness), and even clothes. Most folks go home if they don’t have clothes. I know I do.

5. Keman does a very brave thing going to fetch dragon help. What is the most memorable  to you about his efforts?

His evil sister immediately pops into mind. She just wants to trounce someone – not because she has actually put much thought into the right or wrong of her brother’s claim. She doesn’t even have a plan, or a goal, she just likes thwarting others and hurting them. So small minded. I want to tickle her till she pees and farts – in public.

6. In the end, we have a dead Elven Lord and his heir, and a treaty. Did the ending surprise you? What do you make of the treaty?

The treaty really surprised me because I felt both sides were playing for an all or nothing – the Elves want to wipe out the half bloods and the half bloods want freedom to move about society unmolested. But instead we have the Wizards going further into the wilds. So, while not eradicated, they still seemed to get the short end of the stick. I was also surprised by the suddenness of the ending – once Valyn made his decision, things moved very fast and I was left with several questions. Perhaps Book 2 answers them?

Other Tidbits:

The One-Horns were used once again to disrupt the Elves in the woods. Part of me feels bad for them. I mean, if they can be good enough to each other to hang out in such a large group, they can’t be all bad, right? As long as left alone, they seem quite nice. Like zebras are quite nice to look hate, but hell to mess with.

What Others Think:

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3 thoughts on “The Elvenbane Read Along Part IV”

  1. 1. Yep, I thought that this should a huge lack of empathy and maturity on his part. It was also remarkably selfish.

    2. Again, I agree with you. The fact that Valyn thinks that she is his friend just shows how stupid he is, although I guess that she is very good at manipulating people. I commend her refusal to be cowed by the males, but she is just as bad as they are.

    4. Stealing their weapons and armor might have been a good idea as well! 😀

    5. I am very disappointed that she has not received her just deserts yet, and that Alara seems content to let her be evil.

    6. Yeah, the treaty was a surprise, but I guess the authors had the rest of the series in mind . . .

    At least Shana felt bad about sacrificing the one-horns and was happy that some would escape to continue the herd. I did chuckle at her use of a phantom male to ‘persuade’ the stallion to protect his girls though.

    1. Yes, it was clever of Shana to create the scent of another stallion, a stallion who wanted to take over the harem. Definitely motivated the one-horns to do some serious trampling.

      Yes, why hasn’t Alara done something to discipline her daughter? Early on she seemed to try, but then kind of let her go a bit wild and eventually move in with a surrogate mother more to her liking.

      The treaty surprised me. I am not sure I will get to Book 2 right away, but I am kind of curious if the authors will keep the pacing of the first or the second half of Book 1.

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