A Hat Full Of Sky Read Along Part IV

Yes, Stout really is that sweet.
Yes, Stout really is that sweet.

Oh waily, waily, waily! Here we are at the end of A Hat Full Of Sky, Book 2 in the Tiffany Aching saga. Well, don’t fash yerself too much; there are 2 more books featuring Tiffany Aching (Wintersmith, and I Shall Wear Midnight). Myself and a few other awesome bloggers (ye ken who ye are, ye scunners!) will be returning to this series in the autumn, sometime in October or November. Don’t worry, there will be an announcement. So, if you are sorry you missed dissecting Books 1 & 2 with us, catch up and join us for the questionable, yet always raucous, fun for Books 3 & 4.

Next, I want to thank all of you who have joined me for The Wee Free Men and A Hat Full of Sky: Lynn, Sue, OCDFaerie, Tethyan, and Andrea. These are some of my favorite books and it sure did my heart good to share them with such a crowd. Thank you all.

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1) Mistress Weatherwax has a philosophy of her job is to make sure everyone today can get to tomorrow – such as letting people believe in water sprites and goblins if it lets them lead a better life. Do you see yourself somewhere in this philosophy?

Totally. I am definitely all for the ‘if it helps you be a better person, why not believe in (fill if the blank)’. And I am not above fibbing to someone if I feel they are being stubborn and don’t care to learn the science behind things. I once worked with this youngish man whore who was going on about blue balls. Of course, pink balls came up and I told him it was a medical condition. He was very, very concerned. Of course, the medical condition that would be pink balls (for Caucasians anyway) would be ‘normal & healthy’. But I didn’t let on to this as I figured it best that he get checked for STDs anyway. Dork.

2) Do you think Mr. Weavall will be successful with the Widow Tussy? Do you think Tiffany got off light concerning Mr. Weavall’s stash?

I most certainly hope the two get hitched…..and get to live several years together before either kicks the bucket. Anyway, the first time I read this, I felt that Tiffany got off light. But then I realized that she will punish herself far more harshly for what she did under the Hiver’s influence than anyone else could punish her. In a way, Mr. Weavall is very lucky that Tiffany has such great friends.

3) What was your favorite part of Mistress Weatherwax’s and Tiffany’s bonding time in the mountains with the little picnic and the owls and such?

The pickles. Yep. And the implied wind created by said pickles.

And there was that whole, ‘Call me Granny Weatherwax’, part that was most excellent.

But mostly the pickles.

4) Petulia Gristle heard Tiffany was going to face something nasty and went out to see if she could use some help. Have you ever had an awkward situation like that?

Uh yeah. I have been on both sides. It is awkward all around. You show up to help and it quickly becomes apparent that either you aren’t needed or aren’t wanted or both. Suck. But, I have also been the stunned bunny trying to think of something polite to say when someone completely unexpected, perhaps even less that desired, shows up with the offer of assistance. Suck. Each and every time, I handle the situation with complete social awkwardness and lame silences. Yep, that’s me, so very suave in stressful, odd social situations.

I think Tiffany handled it pretty well.

5) Tiffany has her first and last conversation with the Hiver/Arthur. Did you see Tiffany’s answer to the Hiver dilemma coming or were you taken by surprise?

The first time I read this book, I was not expecting the Hiver, Arthur, to end as he did. Of course, the one thing Arthur had never been able to have before was an ending, so it made a lot of sense that he wanted to finally hang his hat up. Also, it was awesome that 1) Tiffany walked into the land of the dead knowing full well she might not get out again; 2) that DEATH himself showed up (my 2nd favorite Discworld books are those that feature DEATH); and 3) Weatherwax literally shoves her foot in the door to break the rules and yank Tiffany back into the living world. Yeah, it was a kick ass scene.

6) The Witch Trials are almost like a county fair, a happy outing for the entire family, or so Granny Weatherwax was grumbling about. What about the affair caught your attention?

I liked how the trials for Tiffany and Weatherwax were more about ignoring the sillies who wanted them to show up the other or take the other down a notch and refusing to actually perform for the witch trials. If either would have done any witchery, even something simple, then they would have been performing for the wrong reasons. So hats off to both of them for not giving in to peer pressure.

7) In the final chapter, we learn the meaning of the title of the book. Did you feel this was a good wrap up to the novel?

Yes! Yet again, Granny Aching shows Tiffany the way to live her own life – including having the sky for your hat. Witch hats featured heavily throughout this book, many of the witches feeling you weren’t a right proper witch without a witchy hat. Yet, Granny Aching sometimes went with an old burlap bag to help keep the weather off while hunting for lost sheep in a dreary night. But mostly, she used the sky as her hat.

Other Tidbits:

I love that Weatherwax never could get the hang of the shamble either. I think this made Tiffany feel better, and in a way, helped her be successful when the shamble was necessary – and not exploding Rob Anybody into tiny bits.

Mistress Weatherwax now has a nice cape in deed. I think she will get used to looking dashing in a light breeze.

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20 thoughts on “A Hat Full Of Sky Read Along Part IV”

  1. Pink Balls – a medical condition!! tsk tsk
    Actually on reflection Tiffany really did do Mr Weavall a favour – albeit unintentionally. He would never have had that second wind and gone off to get married without the gold in the box turning up.
    I thought the end was great and very appropriate. I loved that Granny Aching lived with the sky as her hat and the wind as her cloak.
    Thanks for the great questions and hosting.
    Lynn πŸ˜€

    1. It’s been great to have you along for the ride. Yes, Mr. Weavall is a lucky man. Still, i think the Widow Tussy may very well have said yes, even without the gold.

  2. Here’s my answers! http://tethyanbooks.blogspot.fr/2013/04/read-along-part-4-of-hat-full-of-sky-by.html

    On 1, I think I need to learn to be a bit more like you on that count, then :). As a physicist, I think I am generally the sort that gives people long, unnecessarily scientifically correct explanations for anything they ask. I believe I have scared children that way.

    Also, I forgot about the pickles. I should have put that as my answer, too! “I didn’t say I didn’t want any…”

    1. Weatherwax is so delightfully honest…..even about pickles.

      I work at a large lab and we have many scientists that get stuck in their niche lingo and I just tell them up front it’s OK to talk to me as if you were explaining this to a 10 year old, because I really don’t want a permanent acid burn/to be missing an eye/have to explain to my mum why I will be needing surgery to remove part of my ear.

      1. My hubbie is a university Professor and I’m not sure he has any idea of how to explain his work to a ten year old . . . he is a little ‘otherworldly’ like that. πŸ˜€

  3. Waily, waily, waily indeed!

    1. I am so innocent, but Wikipedia just explained what blue balls are . . . he sounds highly unpleasant and you were probably right to get him down to the ‘special’ clinic for an intimate exam: yuck!

    2. I’m sure the two oldsters will be very happy for their last few days / weeks / years and it seemed to give Mr Weavall a new boost of life, which is great. It was a much better consequence to the theft than I could ever have imagined and was an important lesson about the true value of friendship.

    3. Why do biologists find toilet humor so appealing? πŸ˜€

    5. Ah, yeah, Death! He is one of my favorite characters as well. I have had the great pleasure of hearing 3 great actors portraying him on British TV and radio, with Christopher Lee being particularly awesome . . . so I always ‘hear’ him with a wonderfully rich bass voice . . . How awesome was Rob head butting Death? And I loved the question: “Is this yours?” Death has such a wonderfully dry sense of humor! πŸ˜€

    6. I loved the Mexican stand off and the feeling of power that it created without them doing a single thing. It makes it so apparent why Granny Weatherwax is such an epic force of nature and it looks like Tiffany might be just as cool.

    7. I thought that this choice marked a significant towards Tiffany becoming a full witch: your hat is whatever the heck you want it to be.

    About the posh cape: it reminded me very much of the totally inappropriate, but well-intentioned, gift of the china shepherdess. I doubt that Tiffany will make that mistake again.

  4. When you figure out how to handle the “we don’t need that person why did they just show up/I’ll be helpful and show up and help!” situation, please let me know. I’ve been on both sides, and it’s really awkward, all the time.

    yay! you loved the pickles bit too!! I know the emotional part of this book is all heavy and stuff, but sometimes a good subtle fart joke is just really good.

    1. My man had one of those embarrassing moments earlier this week where a sneak-attack sneeze caught him unawares and he tooted at the same time. Luckily, he was alone in his office. Of course I laughed at him…..and then the next morning I start the day off with a sneak-attack fart while in bed that scared the kitty 2 feet into the air. Sigh… that’s what I get for laughing at my man – claw marks.

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