The Great Hunt Read Along Part VI

JordanGreatHuntBannerHello folks. This week we cover chapters 35-42 of The Great Hunt. Anya from On Starships and Dragonwings is our host this week, so make sure to stop by her place. Next week we’ll be back here for the final installment of The Great Hunt.

This week’s questions:

1. We got to see a lot more Ogier in this section. What did you think of them and their village?
It was nice to see some Ogier women…..and Loial’s reaction. Poor dude. Hiding behind his book probably won’t be enough to keep him safe from the machinations of marriage. Also, the guest quarters were thoughtful, but in general were too large for most humans. Sounds like an interesting place to visit, and an awkward place to try to set down for a long time.
2. There were some suspicions about what the Aiel women were really doing. Do you think they are looking for Rand or that it was a coincidence?
Well, I think there are a lot of people looking for Rand, or rather their myth’s version of the Dragon Reborn, and they simply don’t know that it is Rand. So, in a way, yes, the Aiel women are looking for the answer to their prophecies. They may suspect Rand at this point, but I don’t think they will interfere with him….yet.
3. When Rand was trying to use the Portal stone, everyone got a glimpse at possible lives. What did you think of Rand’s other possibilities? What do you think were Verin and Ingtar’s?
I think being shown our possible other lives in full technicolor would be hard on anyone, but especially someone who carries the power to destroy people and reshape the world. Verin probably had some of the basics – like being a mother/grandmother, not being an Aes Sedai, choosing a different ajah. Ingtar perhaps had to face not being a warrior, or perhaps not fulfilling some vow. All of them were pretty shaken up.
My goatmilk raised kitty Chupacabra.
My goatmilk raised kitty Chupacabra.

4. Liandrin has finally shown her true colors! How do you think her betrayal will turn out for her and the rest of the Aes Sedai? Do you think she’ll get away with it?

I held out hope for this long that she was simply a prickly person, very stern, had too high of an opinion of herself. Alas, she is all those things and black ajah. Bitch. But we needed a real, non-nebulous bad guy other than Padan Fain. Now I have some one to hate on and hope that the main good guys corner her in some dark alley sometime soon. This is a really long series, so I expect she will get away with it for some few-several books and then get struck by lightning or drowned or suffocated or hit by a large horse. Any number of deaths are OK by this reader.
5. Poor Egwene! Do you think Nynaeve and Elayne can save her before the ship arrives?
I want to say yes, because good always triumphs, right? I really don’t remember how this book ends. I do remember that I don’t like the Seanchan and their collars at all. Still, Egwene is getting some pretty harsh treatment this book.
Other Tidbits:
I read this book many, many years ago and only remember the abrupt appearance of the Seachan and their advanced technology and military organization. I found it too jarring back then and gave up on the series. This time around, I still find it very jarring, but I am assured that things settle down and I just need to push through this discombobulation.
Bela, girl, what will happen to you?!?
Hehe. Loial says Ogier women make all the decisions about marriage, and then inform the involved male. Mat says humans never do it that way. Perrin begs to differ. Then we change scenes and there are the ladies planning how best to divide up rand’s time among the three of them. Lol!

8 thoughts on “The Great Hunt Read Along Part VI”

  1. I said almost the same thing in response to question #2. If you don’t remember the ending, you totally gotta stick around for it. I love the way this book ends–totally unexpected and epic! As for Liandrin, I said this on Anya’s site too, but I would love it if Nynaeve (and Egwene, of course) got to jump up and down on her at some point. ‘Cause, you know, that’d be awesome. And if Lan could be nearby to watch and do his booming laugh, that’d be awesomer! I do like the idea of her getting hit by a house, though. And yes, the whole man vs. woman, Ogier vs human thing is hysterical. If there’s one thing Jordan writes extremely well, it’s the battle of the sexes! 😀

    1. It really cracked me up about the marriage customs of the Ogier and how the humans do the same to some extent but that it isn’t considered part of the custom.

      Yes, a house falling on Liandrin would be acceptable. Not as satisfying as some other methods, but acceptable.

  2. 2. Yeah, so we are meeting entirely too many Aiel for this to be coincidence, and of course they are looking for Rand. If you went back and told those Maidens of the Spear that they were looking straight at He Who Comes With The Dawn, I’m not sure what they’d do.

    3. This scene is yet another reason I like this book (the first one was the fly trap in the village – maybe I have a thing for repetitive visions?) It is interesting to speculate on what Ingtar and Verin could have seen, Verin in particular. However, I will have to keep these speculations to myself for the time being.

    4. Did anyone have any doubt? She could possibly have gotten away with it if we could be sure that the Supergirls (by which they are now known) would stay captured. But… I think we all know that Jordan isn’t GRRM, and this isn’t that kind of fantasy. The Black Ajah might be growing bolder by the hour, and pushing for some stunt that will reveal their existence, if not their actual attendance list.

    5. Back in 2007 when I read this book for the first time I was extremely worried right at this juncture, and the opening lines of the next chapter (which isn’t technically part of this week, but I’ll break the rules just this once) almost brought me to tears. Call me old fashioned, but reading about girls being tortured never struck me as easy, particularly not when they are pretty and have a romantic interest in the hero.

    The Seanchan… well, in time I think you’ll get used to them.

    1. I found Rand’s other, possible lives very interesting. No matter what, his innate ability to channel still affected him. I was a little sad that we didn’t get to glimpse everyone else’s lives.

      Supergirls! ha! Yeah, this is definitively not GRRM. Rather, it is like the PG, maybe PG-13 of epic fantasy series.

      I have read into the next chapter, and keeping it vague for now, I too am uneasy with the evil Seachan and their torture. Do I really have to get use to them?

  3. 1. I guess it is probably difficult for the ogier to excavate something more human-sized without it being really awkward for them. PLus they do have to accommodate the Aiel, who are taller than most of the other races.

    4. As she will have a Nynaeve-shaped cloud of vengeance headed her way, I am not sure how long she will escape retribution.

    Bela reminds me so much of Bill the Pony in LotR: I am sure that she will find her way back to Egwene through Hell and high water!

    1. Nynaeve-shaped vengeance cloud! Shit! Not good!

      Haha! i too always think of LotR Bill the Pony when Bela is on scene. Though Bela has got to tag along longer than Bill (who had to be turned loose at the mines, right? but turned up at the end of the book…is that right?).

      Good point about the Aiel being tall….so does this mean they visit the Ogier that often?

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