Around the Sphere March 2013

This is me being chatty and pointing out things from around the internet, primarily the blogosphere, that have caught my eye. I hope you find some of these amusing or insightful.

Disney Spoof by Jon Cozart had be laughing out loud:

Jan Austen Fight Club -If Jane Austen was more like this, I would enjoy that section of literature so much more:

Terry Pratchett Appreciation – I did a short peice for this post on the Tiffany Aching read along we have been doing. This post is a conglomeration of various readers’ appreciation for Pratchett and his works:

Big Al’s Books and Pals is having a Readers’ Choice Award that you can vote in, focusing on indie writing (self-published and small press):

There is also the Steampunk Chronicle’s Readers’ Choice Vote:

This here was just to silly to not share: SFF Donkey Kong. That’s right. Donkey Kong goes alien and draconian, all in one package:

Lastly, I would like to share with you odd search terms that folks typed into their web browser of choice and it spit them out at Dab of Darkness:

unique concepts of the world – Got those is plenty, and you don’t have to look far.
lord of the rings erotica warg stories – Hmmm…. Well, let me know if you find those on this blog so I can do some site clean up and patch a security hole.
dark and scary abandoned land – You found it. Congrats.

5 thoughts on “Around the Sphere March 2013”

    1. uh….if I admit to knowing, that might raise a few eyebrows. ;). My guess tho is that it is some Lord of the Rings/The Hobbit weird erotica featuring the wolf-like beasts, wargs. Really, just a guess.

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