The Elvenbane Read Along Part II

Pico believes by ducking his head I can't tell he is eyeballing his brother Chupa.
Pico believes by ducking his head I can’t tell he is eyeballing his brother Chupa.

Welcome everyone to the continuation of The Elvenbane Read Along. This week we are covering Chapters 7-13. If you want to see the schedule, then I will have you hop over HERE. Lots of awesome, questionable, and wicked things happened in this section. Yes, spoilers will be roaming free, all natural feed only, and they are carnivorous, willing to feast upon your brain. (That was the meds talking). Make sure you visit my partner in crime on this adventure, sj over at Snobbery. Also, leave your link to your post in the comments so I can come by and heckle you. With love.

1) We finally learned of at least one power Shana is capable of – throwing rocks with her mind! If given the choice of any 1 power we have seen so far in the book (whether dragon, elven, human, wizard, halfblood, alicorn, etc.), which would you pick?

Remember when Shana made up that story about catching small, venomous lizards in the desert and using their skins to make her tunic? Well, that’s what I want to be – venomously brightly colored. Then I would only have to threaten to spit in someone’s Red Bull to get them to chill. Also, I could save a ton on wardrobe costs, as I would be ridiculously clad in colors I wouldn’t need clothing in warm weather. Yep. Feel free to peruse that mental image – just don’t tell me about it!

2) In the first few chapters, we learned that the dragons want to remain unknown to the elven and humans. But in these chapters we see that they haven’t been as careful as they would like. Do you think all the dragons are united on this wish to remain anonymous?

I find it curious that Keoke whisked Shana away, in dragon skin. What was all that chatter about not revealing the Kin and perhaps having to kill Shana if she ever came close to telling? Alara has a whole pile of human-made cloth that Shana uses for bedding. I don’t think that split-second decision is going to work out for the Kin. Couple that with Alara swooping in to carry off a pack animal (Keman in disguise) in front of dozens of humans. Nuts. But then we also have that Elven lord with the dragon banner who saw one feasting on one of his horses years ago. So, obviously the Kin haven’t been that careful.

Taken all together, I would suspect that not all the dragons hold the elven to be that dangerous, and are perhaps of hiding. Yes, given the egos on some of the dragons we have met so far, I wouldn’t be surprised if some of them are hatching take-over-the-world schemes.

3) Alara kept her foster-daughter ignorant about her own heritage and about the larger world. Did Alara make the right decision?

Now if Shana had been allowed to stay with the Kin, then Alara decision would make more sense. She could have given Shana the knowledge bit by bot over the years as she aged. Alas, Shana was not allowed to stay with the Kin. However, when Alara first heard the rumblings from her fellow dragons, like that little talk with Keoke, Orola, and Anoa, then she should have started prepping Shana for the worst.

Let’s say I have a pet peeve about parenting. I’m not a parent myself, but I have been a baffled child/teen from time to time and I have chatted with relatives’ baffled kids/teens. How can you expect your kids to make a good choice or face a hard task without some basic knowledge? Now Shana gets thrown out into the elements, then human slavery, and we’re left with her being introduced to a very secret society not knowing what they truly want from her. In our world, we just keep kids ignorant on such issues as birth control, cooking, and balancing a checkbook. But still, I can feel Shana’s pain.

4) In the last few chapters of this section, we get a more intimate look at human life and how it is intertwined with the schemes of the elven lords. What stood out for you?

The human hierarchy was very interesting. Slaves, then bondlings, then…overseers? Those humans trusted most by the elven lords. This keeps the humans very fractured as they strive for personal gain. With such factions among the humans, they are unlikely to form a cohesive resistance to the Elven.

5) Chapter 13 leaves off with the Wizards Zed and Rennis spiriting Shana away. Care to guess if their motives are benign or malignant?

I haven’t read this book since highschool, and I totally forgot about these guys. Naughty reader! So far, these two haven’t given Shana any hint of what they want from her. They went to a lot of risk, some money (most was stolen from Lord Dyran’s lackey), and plenty of trouble to get her. Since they know she is very powerful magically, I have to assume they didn’t rescue her out of the goodness of their hearts. Still, I think she will be better off with these 2 than in elven hands.

6) Throughout this section, there have been several acts of bravery. Sometimes they are motivated by greed, simple bodily need, or friendship. Which acts pulled an emotional response from you?

First, of course, I thought of Keman. He did a crazy mad-dash healing on his shoulders, then took off after her, tracked her through a sandstorm, and even put himself in peril by changing into a grel and taken along on the caravan. But really, it was Megwyn that stood out for me. She took Shana under her wing, gave her some advise and some protection. Too bad she died after that brutal beating. I really wanted to find out 1) how she knew Shana was a halfblood (aren’t they suppose to be really, really uncommon?); and 2) if she would have sold the info to another for promotion out of the slave pits.

Other Tidbits:

Keoke got under my nerves. He is so cold when it comes to using Shana to spy. And to spy for what purpose? I don’t think it is merely academic interest for him.

I wonder if Alara will be punished for so blatantly showing herself to the human caravan. It’s suppose to be a big nono, so we shall see.

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7 thoughts on “The Elvenbane Read Along Part II”

  1. I love your book and cat photos. the other night Atticus fell asleep on my book and I wanted to take a photo to share with you. By the time I got the camera, Att wanted dinner. Next time.

    1. I always have some lazy cat ready to do a photo op. But there have been several times where a farm beastie was doing something cute and I couldn’t get the camera fast enough.

  2. 1. It sounds like you want to basically be the Dilophosaurus from Jurassic Park . . . “Look at my pretty frill! Ha! Fooled you: enjoy that face full of poison!” 😀

    2. I was also surprised by them leaving her with her dragon-skin clothing. They are just so complacent and convinced that they are way too clever to be found out . . . what was that about ‘pride coming before a fall’?

    3. I totally agree with you. If the time between the two incidents with Rovy had been relatively short, then I could understand Alara’s lack of opportunity to explain things to Shana, but it was five whole years! Surely the poor kid would have felt better about herself if she had known that she wasn’t the only two-legger in the world.

    4. Yep, the good old ‘divide and conquer’ technique: an age old method for keeping the oppressed quiet and submissive.

    5. I am sure that they want her as a weapon, but it sounds like they won’t force her to do anything that she doesn’t want to.

    6. I actually wondered if Megwyn was a spy for one of the Lords, especially as she seemed to be alive when they dragged her off and then she was suddenly dead, but maybe I’m just being overly distrusting of the humans.

    You have a good point about Alara: I was amazed at the stupidity of her appearance.

    1. I’m still wondering if Megwyn will show up again…but maybe not. Either way, there are plenty of others who could be spying for one elven lord or not.

      The dragon elders are being dorks. I think that sums it up.

      Yes! I would love a distracting frill! Maybe I can make one out of shiny paper, glitter, and cardboard. Hmm….pondering…

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