A Hat Full of Sky Read Along Part II

Yes, Stout really is that sweet.
Yes, Stout really is that sweet.

Welcome everyone! I hope you find today’s post amusing – I am writing it on cold medication, sleep deprived, and with an ice pack on my ankle, so it might not be as sparkly sharp-witted as you are use too. Feel free to provide the wit in the comments.

Today’s post covers Chapters 4-6 of the book and I am hosting. Please leave a link to your post in the comments so that I may stalk you and leave funny, yet uninsightful comments on your posts. Next week, we will be back at The Little Red Reviewer as host (tho don’t forget to check out her post on this section). If you want the schedule for the rest of the read along, HERE it is.

1) Awf’ly Wee Billy, the gonnagle, comes up with a plan, the PLN. First, do you like the basic idea? Second, what was your favorite part of the execution of the PLN?

This section contains one of those scenes that have repeatedly had me laughing to the point of tears. Yes, it is that scene where the little devils are dressed like an odd scarecrow, in the stage coach and Daft Wullie decides to go walk about….popping out of the crotch and saying Hi to the other passengers. I can picture this scene so clearly in my head that it is both obscene and absurdly funny. See, I know they are Feegles posing as one man. But the other passengers think they are dealing with one man who has a talking penis.

Does anyone else know that song, Detachable Penis by King Missile? If not, here you are. You can thank me later once the mental image has worn off.

2) Miss Level has a philosophy of ‘storing it in other people’. How do you like this philosophy and do you know any witchy people in life who might be secretly following it?

I think it is a hard philosophy to carry out. I mean, you essentially have to trust that all those favors that you do for folks will eventually come back around to you – maybe not directly, but through some karmatic pay it forward, eventually turn into a circle kind of thing. I am not sure I could do that day after day. I generally don’t mind assisting my fellow being (furred or not) from time to time, but to have that be part of my daily routine? I’m suspicious of foks by nature, and I am more likely to assist someone if I can control the situation – because I have control issues.

No, that doesn’t mean you need to put on a leather collar and muffs to catch a ride back to the office form some meeting. Unless you really want to, in which case you can ride in the back and explain yourself to security, should be detained.

And no, I don’t know anyone as good as Miss Level or Tiffany. The folks I know who go around doing favors, taking care of other folks, either do it for the money or for the gossip.

3) We finally get to meet some other witchlings, such as Petulia and Annagramma. What do you make of Tiffany’s first meeting with them?

Annagramma has a ridiculous name, but I would not make fun of her in front of her sister witches. I would take her aside and tell her politely over tea. Terry Pratchett captured the spirit of bullying quite well in the form of Annagramma and the witch she serves – Mrs. Earwig. Adults can be bullies too. Most of them have learned to tone it down, be snide and sneaky about it, unless they are employed in sports or as upper management. I also like how Tiffany recognizes that she herself falls into the same trap as the other witchlings, becoming meek and apologizing around Annagramma.

4) The Hiver has finally found Tiffany and Miss Level has finally met the Feegle. How do you think Tiffany will fair against the Hiver and how much damage do you think will be done (either by the Hiver or the Feegle)?

Oooooo! Evil Hiver! I think this insidious bad guy is one of the most dangerous in the world of fantasy literature. Think about it – no one knows you have been taken over, you can’t escape (not even in your own head), and you end up doing and saying things that would make the whole you weep. And you can’t stop it. Well, maybe Tiffany can. I would be turned into a pile of questionable goo within a fortnight.

Hahaha! Miss Level now has to contend with the Feegle. Let’s face it – if they are trying to remain unseen, they are somewhat polite, they hold back from stealing or breaking all the important stuff. But now that their presence is known, there is no reason for them to hold back at Miss Level’s place.

Other Tidbits:

Lucky the Feegle have all sorts of coin to get them from point A to point B. I am surprised they haven’t found a way to eat it or trade it for spirits.

Henry finally got to run the race he had always dreamed of. And there were lady equines to see him do it. That scene cracked me up.

The passengers, squeezing even closer together, watched the trousers with terrible fascination. There was some movement, some swearing under the breath in a place where nothing should be breathing, and then a couple of buttons popped and a very small red-headed blue man stuck his head out, blinking in the light.

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16 thoughts on “A Hat Full of Sky Read Along Part II”

  1. Poor you with all your ailments – you could do with your very own Miss Level to call round now! Still – you have strawberries.
    The scarecrow scene was excellent – as was Henry’s little race!
    Yes, the Hiver is pretty nasty – a great creation by Pratchett – I have to admit he’s coming up with some pretty impressive stuff – not to mention his writing of the whole mean girl scene which I thought was really well portrayed.
    Lynn 😀

    1. Yum, strawberries!
      I really enjoy Pratchett because he surprises me so often – like I wasn’t expecting the Nac Mac Feegle, the dromes, or the Hiver. Great stuff.

  2. I hope you feel better soon! Strawberries and knowing that Spring is around corner should help tho.

    How did those musicians sing that song with a straight face? i am cackling my head off! (not a witch cackle, i swear!).

    oh good, i’m not the only one who loves and respects Miss Level’s lifestyle, but doensn’t want to do it. i’m way to self centered for that kind of that, also i have control issues too.

    and I just realized, although Oswald has gone missing, how is he going to deal with the not-so-neat Feegle floating around his house?

    1. Poor Oswald – an invisible bag of nerves. Poor dude.

      I’m glad you enjoyed the song. The first time my man told me about that song, and then made me watch the video, I laughed so hard I nearly peed myself. Of course, since then I have occasionally asked him if he wouldn’t mind getting one, for those lazy mornings where I get to sleep in and he has to go to work ;).

  3. 1. Yep, not a good section to read whilst in public! 😀

    Awesome song, though a little disturbing . . .

    2. I’m with you, I am far too cynical to put so much trust in my fellow humans.

    3. I would only offer Annagramma tea if it were laced with laxatives . . . but I’m a very bad person . . .

    4. At the moment I have no idea how Tiffany is going to break free and escape a horrible fate, so the Hiver is truly horrific. 🙁

  4. Annagramma is so full of shit, she would probably benefit from some laxatives. Go right ahead and invite her for tea.

    Yep, I am too cynical for my fellow humans too. I see folks wanting the ‘magic pill’ to cure their ailments, instead of exercising, eating healthy, etc. The easy way, instead of the daily ‘care for yourself’ way.

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