Interview: Elieba Levine, Author of Wanderlust

Elieba Levine seriously at work.

Elieba Levine seriously at work.

Everyone, please welcome Elieba Levine to Dab of Darkness for the day. She stopped by for tea, bookish gossip, and more. Enjoy!

Elieba Levine is a passionate writer and discerning editor who currently resides in Santa Fe, New Mexico. She has written five fiction novels, a picture book, and an award-winning screenplay. Her extensive world travels greatly influenced the settings in her erotic trilogy Wanderlust, Interludes, and Escapes-which have recently been released in electronic format. She is currently working on her next novel.


1) Your Wanderlust trilogy was originally published in the 1980s as romance novels. Yet, they are a bit steamier than romance novels. How do you think the publishing world and readers in large have changed over the years when it comes to erotica and romance genres?

I believe it was always distributed as erotica, never romance.  I have always disliked the romance genre and stayed away from it.  When my editor came to me with this idea I told her I would only do it if I could go further than romance and into erotica.  She consented and the book was very successful earning me a three book contract.

2) You traveled the world at one point in your life and used much of that experience as the basis for this trilogy. Would you say that your personality closely matches any one of the characters?

No.  What I used were the locales and some of the people I met along the way, but I stayed out of it.

3) Please share a few pieces of advise to new writers who are exploring the erotica genre.

I believe erotica has gone further than I ever imagined.  Therefore I don’t think I’m the person to be giving advice as it presently is too explicit and not mysterious enough for my taste.

4) While writing, do you have favorite music that you listen to, or a favorite location (secret writer’s den), or favorite snack food to help keep the writer muse around?

No music.  I love music so much that it would only be a distraction.  I need quiet but then need to get out and prefer the sounds of a big city as contrast to my solitude.

5) What writing projects are you currently entertaining, if I may snoop into your writer’s life?

I am presently writing a book about a woman caught up with a group of terrorists who come upon one another in a broken down castle outside of London.

6) If you could have food and lodging for free, and automatically be transported, what part of the world would you like to visit today?

Vietnam.  It’s so much a part of my history and would like to see it now.

LevineWanderlustDescription of Wanderlust by Elieba Levine: 

ADVENTURE From New York to Kenya to Katmandu, Jane Perry sets out to explore the world and finds romance and excitement at every turn… PASSION From Bali to Sydney to Hawaii, Jane follows her heart’s desires… and leaves behind men who will never forget her… WANDERLUST An erotic odyssey of passion and obsession. Part of a trilogy: Wanderlust, Interludes, Escapes

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7 thoughts on “Interview: Elieba Levine, Author of Wanderlust

  1. TBM says:

    Thanks for the interview. I’m curious about her London book.

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  3. Teddy Rose says:

    Thanks so much for taking part in the tour and hosting Elieba!

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  5. Susan says:

    I have read both Wanderlust and Interlude. I may the mistake and loan the books out and never got them back. I try to buy new copies but they are not located in any of the book stores. I would like to get the third book can you please tell me how I can get all 3 books. I don’t own I-pad.

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