A Hat Full of Sky Read Along Part I

Tofu on the headboard. Yes, he does sleep there...and occasionally falls off.
Tofu on the headboard. Yes, he does sleep there…and occasionally falls off.

Welcome everyone to the continuation of the exploration of Tiffany Aching’s world. The Little Red Reviewer will be hosting Part I of A Hat Full of Sky read along, so make sure to stop by her blog and leave your link to your post so we can visit each other. If you are just joining us, A Hat Full of Sky is Book 2 in the Tiffany Aching saga (The Wee Free Men being Book 1). Part 1 of this read along covers Chapters 1-3, so beware that spoilers are loose, grazing freely and ambling about.

The Questions:

1) What do you think of Miss Level and her housemate Oswald?  Did you guess the secret about her identity before she told Tiffany the truth?

The first time I read this, I had no idea what the Miss Level secret was going to be. But it is so Pratchett! Reversing the standard idea of twins (Miss Level is one person with 2 bodies) is like the Feegle believing this world is heaven and they must have been extra good in life to have made it here. As for Oswald, that was just an extra piece of oddity thrown in that works really well. I think this is Tiffany’s first time staying off the chalk for any length of time and every thing is different – from Miss Level’s house hold, even the broomtrip there, and the goats! I loved the goats, because that is exactly what the blighters do! Damn them! They will wait patiently until you have a full pail and then intentionally tip it over or stick a hoof in it.

2) Why kind of witchy stuff do you think Miss Level will start teaching Tiffany?

Well, just teaching Tiffany that folks can be so ‘odd’ is a huge lesson there. I don’t really remember what Miss Level does for the local community (awful of me, I know), but I am going ot guess that broom riding might be on the lesson plan. Tiffany will have to learn a faster mode of transport sooner or later – she can’t walk everywhere.

3) What do you think of Jeannie? Do you think she’ll get in the way of the Feegle continuing to help Tiffany?

I think the Kelda in Jeannie has made the decision and she will stick with it. Besides, some practical part of her must realize that being jealous of Tiffany is ludicrous – the age difference for one, and then the size issue. I am NOT going to draw you any diagrams of how impossible the courtship would be. You all have imaginations, imaginations that I will not venture into.

4) Have your feelings for Roland changed any?

Ahhh, Roland! Do you think he was trying to be dashing on his beautiful horse, riding up at the last moment? Perhaps he had been nervous all along about seeing Tiffany off and left it to the last moment because he was unsure of himself. I love how Tiffany was a teensy cruel, curtsying and all. This is the point where I start to thaw towards Roland a little, but I have to wonder if Tiffany has thawed at all. While she appreciated the beauty of the necklace, even sent a polite thank you note, she still put it away for the time being.

5) Which is creepier? a Hiver or a Drome?

Definitely the Hiver! That entry by the researcher Sensibility Bustle was chilling! At least with the Drome you simply slip into a pleasant dream and do no harm to others while you waste away and are eventually consumed…..kind of like going to compost, rejoining nature. The Hiver seems much more malevolent, taking over the mind and raising your paranoia and world domination centers to new heights.

Other Tidbits:

Tiffany has a new trick – the See Me ‘spell’. Quite useful for making sure you have no embarrassing tears in the rear of your clothing, and apparently for eavesdropping. tsk tsk….

The shambles created by Miss Tick and then Miss Tick & Miss Level together seem quite intriguing. An egg and then a beetle! See, when I first read this book, I finally understood why I keep such odd things in my pockets. I am a hedge witch in waiting. I just need a little training, really.

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11 thoughts on “A Hat Full of Sky Read Along Part I”

  1. I loved the little goat story and the way she mastered it – have you tried that trick?
    It’s so funny Jeannie being jealous of Tiffany! Like you said there are a few obvious impediments – although I think personally you should have posted a diagram! I suppose it’s only natural that she’s a bit insecure and it must feel weird that there was this whole ‘temporary’ kelda thing going on.
    I was very harsh on Roland and so I’m going to backtrack now – he seems to have developed a little crush! Which is quite sweet. Like you said riding onto the scene at the last minute on his beautiful horse – think he was going for a lasting impression there.
    Those Hivers are a nasty business. I hope Tiffany conquers her own cat’s cradle thingamabob before it comes along.
    Lynn 😀
    My link:
    P.S – I’m assuming you don’t actually keep beetles in your pockets? LOL

    1. Yes, that trick is very effective with ornery goats. However, it only leaves 1 hand for milking, which slows you down.

      Diagram, huh? Don’t tempt me! take my PG-13 blog to the next level – ha!

      Uh, yes, I have carried beetles in my pockets. None are present right now, because it is evening and I have had my shower. But, if you want to see some of the large beetles that have graced my life, here is my farm blog: http://roundtablefarms.com/2012/09/12/yes-there-are-bugs-on-the-farm/

  2. I’m a day late :(. I blame an unexpected dinner party, which interrupted my evening posting plans. Anyhow, I’ve got my answers up now: http://tethyanbooks.blogspot.ch/2013/03/read-along-part-1-of-hat-full-of-sky-by.html.

    My grandma kept only billy goats, so I’ve never had to milk any. They were always really friendly and playful with humans, but that was eventually the case with pretty much all of my grandma’s animals. She was a real animal charmer, in her gruff way. These books sure bring up a lot of memories :).

    Also, I don’t know if Tiffany will be very eager to get back on a broomstick, after that first ride!

    1. Hooray! I don’t mind you being late at all. Always welcome on this part of the blogosphere.

      Only billy goats, huh? For a while, a neighbor had the gentlest and nicest billy ever and I was sad to see him leave. But I have know a few others that were mostly just foul in temper and hygiene.

  3. 1. I always imagine that goats look you carefully in the eye as they kick over the bucket, just to see how mad you get! 😀

    3. I thought that was a great moment when Jeannie showed that she can let her role as kelda overrule her feelings as a wife. It makes her so much more interesting as a character and also more believable . . . or as believable as a 6 inch woman capable of having hundreds of babies in her lifetime can be . . .

    4. I think he left it until the last moment as he tried to screw up the courage to give her the gift. I think Tiffany is a little too young to really appreciate the gift just yet, but she will mull it over and eventually be very impressed by it, or at least by the thought behind it.

    1. ‘or at least as believable as a 6 inch woman…’ he! made me laugh. True.
      Yes, goats snicker, all the time. I once did this face plant in the snow while watching a heron take off, in front of the whole herd! It was awful having 20 something goats snickering at me.

  4. I’m even more than a day late, so there! 😉

    I like how some of us still aren’t sure about Roland, and some of us are already planning Roland and Tiff’s wedding.

    I’m really liking Miss Level and Jeannie, so I hope both of them are big parts of the rest of the story. Jeannie especially. Sure, she’s a smidgen jealous of Tiffany (but wow, nothing like how jealous Fion was!), but i think deep down, Jeannie knows Rob loves her and she’s got nothing to worry about. I dunno. i just really want Jeannie to have a close female friend. . . and Tiffany is right there! they should be friends! this makes me even more want to know all about Granny Aching’s relationship with the Feegles when she was a young lass.

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