The Wee Free Men Read Along Part III

Stout snuggling with the Nac Mac Feegle.
Stout snuggling with the Nac Mac Feegle.

Hello Everyone, here we are at the end of The Wee Free Men. I hope there is no weeping, and if there is just look over HERE for the schedule for the next book in the series – A Hat Full of Sky. We’re kicking it off right away, so we’ll be over at The Little Red Reviewer next week to enjoy the first few chapters of it.

Here are this week’s discussion questions. I look forward to hopping around and seeing what everyone else thought, so please leave your link in the comments.

1) What was your favorite part of the ‘duel of dreams’ between Tiffany and the Queen?

I think Tiffany was very clever to take everyone into the lighthouse and sea, with the great white whale. I mean, she has never even seen the sea except as depicted on the Jolly Sailor tobacco wraps. The naughty kid in me kept hoping the whole sea scene would get tipped on the side and a scantily clad giant woman would appear. But alas, that is not how it turned out.

I also liked how the Feegle were trapped in a nut and Tiffany keeping the Queen focused on herself while Roland helps them out.

2) The last part of the book shows us a bit more of Roland’s character. What did you make of him?

Roland is what he was raised to be. A bit too privileged and also he’s hung up on Tiffany being a girl and younger than himself. I really, really enjoyed their last conversation at her dairy. Tiffany didn’t get any credit from her family or the baron, etc. for rescuing not only her brother, but Roland, and kicking the Queen out of the Chalk. But I liked how she acknowledged the wrong of it and then went on making butter.

3) The Nac Mac Feegle never cease to make me laugh. What were some of your favorite scenes or lines from the Feegle (for this segment or the entire book)?

Is it Big Yan that flies on the backs of buzzards? Well, he grabbed a pair of Tiffany’s bloomers to use as a parachute. hehe! I could feel her sighing the first time she sees him parachuting off the buzzard. I also enjoyed how it was such a simple thing for Tiffany to release the Feegle from having her as kelda and baby machine. They were so nervous about it!

4) The finale of the book introduces us to Mistress Weatherwax and Mrs. Ogg. These are two of my all-time favorite Discworld characters. What did you think of them? Have you read other books featuring these two ladies?

Many, many years ago I read some book that features Ogg and Weatherwax. There was a lot of twanging from Ogg’s undergarments, but other than that, I can’t remember anything about the book. I was delighted the first time I read The Wee Free Men to find them hear. What a conversation for Tiffany! She must have been really tired and ready to call it a day, because I think if she had been rested and on her manners, that conversation wouldn’t have gone nearly as well (and amusing!) as it did.

5) Tiffany’s connection with Granny Aching is one of the most poignant throughout the book. Did you enjoy Granny Aching’s brief appearance late in the book?

I really like the idea that you are never really separated from those that we share a mutual bond with. The practical me says that is BS, but the idealist in me says it may be so, some place. Luckily, it is so in Discworld. Granny Aching is someone I could respect in real life, and chase down sheep with in the cold, dark, stormy nights. On occasion, we have had to carry baby goats out of thickets, or get them out of fences and carry them through snow. There’s nothing like carrying a screaming, squirming, hoofed and horned 30 pound beast around in bad weather over uneven terrain.

Other Tidbits:

Mistress Weatherwax gave Tiffany a hat! Big nod of approval.

I found it very fitting and satisfying that Tiffany took the shephardess statue out to the chalk and buried it.

And Wentworth seems to have grown up a little from his experience, and is at least helping collect eggs, etc.

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15 thoughts on “The Wee Free Men Read Along Part III”

  1. This was great. I really enjoyed it.
    The whole dream with the sea and the big fishy was definitely the best scene – I loved the whole conversation with the Wee Men. Well, actually I loved all their conversations to be honest.
    I also like the thought of us all being connected. I’d like to think of my gran watching over me (some of the time at least!!)
    Lynn 😀
    My link

    BTW, going to be away for a few days so might be late with the next instalment but I will be taking part.

    1. I am somewhat skeptical about the whole concept of heaven, but I know that there are certain objects and memories that take me right back to times with my grandparents and still produce a lot of emotion for me. Perhaps that is why I was so moved by the shepherdess: it reminded me of trivial objects that are my direct links with my grandparents.

  2. 1. I love your comment about the naked lady from the wrapper, but I don’t think Tiffany could ever really see her . . . 😀

    2. You are so right: Roland is a great foil for Tiffany and shows how matter-of-fact and mature she is . . . I think she was channelling her inner-Granny during that conversation.

    3. I think it is Hamish that is the buzzard-rider, but I loved the knicker-parachute, and Tiffany’s regret because it was her favorite pair! 😀

    4. I think Tiffany’s tiredness let her inner-witchiness come to the surface so she dealt with them in a no nonsense kind of way. I get the impression that witches tend to like that!

    5. I haven’t done any goat carrying, but I have been close to a piglet being carried and you would not believe how much noise that thing could produce . . . I’m sure my ears were bleeding . . .

    1. Hamish, huh? I am sure the Feegle would forgive me mixing them up a bit, especially if I have any sheep lineament or rat poison about me. Hehe! Yes, baby animals can make quite a bit of noise, just like small children.

  3. That would have been too funny if in the dream of the sea on the label the naked lady had shown up! But Tiffany never saw her or really thought about it, so i guess it wouldn’t have worked for her to show up in the dream.

    I loved that Granny was dressed as the Shepherdess at the end. it was as if she was saying “thank you for the beautiful gift” to Tiffany, and Granny never was much for words. I love that because she doesn’t talk much, us readers can all interpret what she does in our own way.

    1. Yeah, it would be awkward at the least if a very large naked lady showed up in the dream sequence.
      Granny Aching is the best! She says so much just by showing up.

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