The Wee Free Men Read Along Part II

Tofu was rather squirmy, wanting to love on the camera instead of posing with the book.
Tofu was rather squirmy, wanting to love on the camera instead of posing with the book.

Hooray! Welcome back everyone. The Little Red Reviewer is hosting this week, so make sure to stop by her blog not only for witting insights, but to also leave your link to your post. Next week we will be back here for the finale – chapters 10 – the end.

P.S. – we also plan to continue the madness with Book 2, A Hat Full of Sky. Click HERE to see the schedule for that book.

The questions below pertain to chapters 6-9. Spoilers run free and commando. Enjoy!

1.  Do you think Tiffany will be able to hold up her end of the bargain that she made with the Kelda?

Well, I remember this book a bit, so I won’t directly answer the question. I will say that I believe Tiffany doesn’t realize everything that she is in for concerning those duties. We’ve already seen a few things – like the marriage… er…..engagement. She managed to avoid openly freaking out and a polite way to avoid an immediate marriage. Hooray for her!

2.Do you think Tiffany and Fion will ever be friends?

Sure! It will be more than simple politeness that has Tiffany sending a wedding present on to Fion’s wedding, wherever and however far away it may be. I am positive Tiffany will be very happy for Fion, having found a new clan and all, like any good sister Kelda.
3. What do you think of the Queen’s world? How does this interpretation of Fairyland mesh with other interpretations you’ve run into in other books?

I loved how Pratchett made it feel made up – such as the trees and rest of the landscape filling itself in the closer you got to an object. This was not something I expected the first time around. Also the dromes! Like dream succubi, littering the forest floor. Other books have treated fairyland like one big deadly realm where things are real, but disguised. We have that going on here with the dromes, but the details of the surroundings coming into being as you take notice is a new element for me.

4. What do you think of Roland? Will he be a help to Tiffany or a hindrance?

So this little dude has been lost in the fairy woods for like a year. What has he been eating and drinking? Who has he had for company? Is he real? So many questions around this young man. If we go with him being the real Roland, then I can understand some of his actions – like not wanting to believe Tiffany is real because that must be his biggest wish next to escaping fairyland for home. After having your dreams mocked and made deadly for a year, I would be careful too. On the other hand, his imperious tone, while a defense mechanism, was silly and he could have landed on that blade when his saddlegirth gave way.

Perhaps Tiffany should have let the Feegle pounce him and hold him down until either they could pound some sense into him or Tiffany could get him to think for himself instead of going on fear.

5. I don’t know about you, but I do NOT want to run into a Drome!

Personally, I love to eat good food in my dreams. The Dromes would mess that all up. I am very, very territorial about my dreams. Only certain folks, real or not, are invited into them. You either have to be perplexingly good or devilishly naughty to end up in my dreams……which means none of you need worry;). I say that because I believe you all to be a perfect mix of good and bad. Right?

OK. To do the question justice – I can only guess that since you are stuck in this dream where the Drome wants you to have fun, you would at least die happy. I could go one about the various ways I would willingly die happy in a dream…but that would just take us back to my first remark to the question. At any rate, if Tiffany ends up stuck in a Drome, I think she would die happy, if not content, and then the Drome would be well fed for several days, if not weeks. circle of life – cue Lion King music.

Other Tidbits:

I need to get me some mousepipes so that I can upset some spiders!

Daft Wullie is one of my favorite characters – having some of the best lines and an honest heart.

I like how we are being introduced to more vocabulary – like gonnagle.

I loved the stories of Tiffany’s granny in this section – her taking a switch to that potter, etc.

I had a chicken named Kelda for a few years (she was old when we got her). She was definitely in charge of the other ladies.

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20 thoughts on “The Wee Free Men Read Along Part II”

  1. Wow, you put much more thought into the Roland question than I did. And those are points that I really should have thought of. I’m so ashamed. 😉

    As for Fion, my opinion evidently differs … but I think there’s hope for them, regardless! As we’ve both said, Tiffany’s obviously got a good heart. And she is determined. 😉

    1. Hehe… wait to see what Roland does in the rest of the book.

      Yes, Tiffany does has a good heart, so it will work out. And it won’t be her letting Fion walk all over her.

        1. The other night I dreamed of rattlesnakes – not uncommon here in the desert. I have removed several from buildings before. I got a nice long stick, this snake struck, flying across the room with unsnakely speed and altitude, to latch upon my cheek. In my dream, the snake had the head of Tofu. Evil. Kitty.

  2. I think that Fion is a good character, she’s a bit naffed off at the moment but I could see the two of them becoming friends. Roland, I’m not sure about – I mean, if he’s been trapped there for a year! Exactly how long is that in our time – the mind boggles.
    I also liked the way the trees and landscape kept filling itself in as Tiffany got closer and I liked the way she suspected she was in a small forest that kept moving forward!
    The granny stories were excellent again – and particularly the one with the donkey (was it a donkey or a mule?)
    Lynn 😀
    My link:

    1. ‘naffed off’ hehe! I will use that on my man…in a bad British accent. Stay tuned for the results.

      I too enjoyed the granny story about the switch and the mule. I think that story, along with the shepardess statue, have stuck with me the most over the years since I originally read this book.

      1. I found the story about the shepherdess statue to be surprisingly poignant and moving. I imagine Granny Aching being somewhat overwhelmed by this gift and not really knowing what to do with it, but determined to make her grandchild happy by treasuring it. I felt so sorry for both her and Tiffany because they had never really spoken to each other. Having lost both my Grannies, I know that I would feel much worse about it if I had not had a chance to get to know them properly.

      2. I was puzzled about the shepherdess story – Tiffany felt bad about giving it to her gran because it was so at odds with what a real life shepherdess was truly like but I wondered if there was something more to it than that and we’ll find out more about this as the story goes on?
        Lynn 😀

  3. ” Tiffany doesn’t realize everything that she is in for concerning those duties.”

    so we’re in for more hysterically awkward conversations? YAY!! that entire conversation about the wedding was about the funniest thing I’ve ever read in my life!

    and more good questions about Roland! I want to tie that little bugger up, feed him truth serum, and question him! And now I’m worried that he’s maybe not exactly who or what he says he is. I worry he won’t want to return to the real world in the end, he’s been away for too long.

    I still don’t want to run into a Drome, but hey, it’s not like they are eating people left and right, they seem to only eat when hungry, right? so they are just doing what’s in their nature, umm, sorta like a shark.

    I too am really liking the Granny flashbacks, makes me want to read her Discworld books.

    1. You would interrogate a little boy? queried in shocked horror!

      Yeah, I would too. Yet one more hobby we have in common.

      There are Granny discworld books? really? Dammit! I need to push that rock off my head more often and pay attention to popular media.

      That whole conversation about cuddling had me laughing out loud. Some cat was sleeping on my belly at the time and became very annoyed with me at the jiggling.

  4. I don’t know if I’d say she got out of it politely… politely by Feegle standards, maybe :). I think “I’ll marry you, but only in millions of years!” would be a bit rough to hear if Rob had actually wanted to do it. I’m curious to see what else she doesn’t know about her new job.

    1. True – but she also noticed how the Feegle were all nervous and unhappy about the idea of marrying her. I think if they were excited about the prospect, one of two things would have happened – she would still have tried to bow out of it politely, and if that didn’t work, run away. Very far away.

  5. Oh, I hadn’t thought that Roland could be an illusion. Dreams within dreams is even scarier than before!

    One of my favorite lines this week was “they say my playin’ sounds like a spider tryin’ to fart through its ears” . . . laugh out loud epicness!

    1. Very true! There are so many lines in this book that have me laughing out loud – my cats keep giving me the look – the shut up and let us sleep look….or we’ll lock you in the closet with your book and a little tiny light that won’t illuminate the entire page at once.

  6. What? Roland could be not all that he seems! I hadn’t considered that!! Very interesting. I think I’ll just go and finish the book right now and get all this finger drumming over and done with…
    Lynn 😀

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