The Eye of the World Read Along Part VI

eyeoftheworldbannerWelcome back everyone! I hope everyone got an eyefull (or earfull) with this week’s reading (Chapters 34-40)! My, oh my, did some big things happen here. Definitely getting interesting. Remember that this week Anya over at On Starships and Dragonwings is hosting. So, make sure to stop by her space to read her thoughts and add your bloggy link.

Also, we had a winner in The Wheel of Time audiobook giveaway. Congrats to @mattperrin! I hope he is still doing a happy dance, as we are excited for him too.

Last bit of administrative stuff before we play: When do you want to start Book 2, The Great Hunt? Yes, we do care what you think. Read alongs are funner with friends. So, below you will find a poll to answer on this most serious question before you leave today. Or, just leave me a comment on your preference. We will most likely go with Majority Rules as there are no American Politics involved in this vote πŸ˜‰ For your reference, Book 1 read along ends on Sunday Feb. 10th.

Now, onto the questions! Spoilers Abound!

1. Looks like Rand and Mat met another ally finally. What do you think of Master Gill? Do you think his hope in Thom is well placed?
I’m not done with Thom. I want to know the backstory of what he muttered to the boys just before throwing himself at the myrrdraal. And now that Master Gill hints at other tough scrapes, I want to know about those too. So, I really hope that Thom is merely suffering greatly in some sodden ditch instead of dead. I have needs that only he can fulfill by turning up again and revealing more abut himself.
2. Loial the Ogier! How adorable right? We only get a brief glimpse into this new race, but what do you think? What part do you think he’ll play in the story?
I had totally forgotten about Loial from when I read this over 10 years ago. Bad me! He is such an interesting character. I have vague memories of what he does for the rest of the book, but nothing clear on his significance. I do like how Jordan keeps pulling in more and more of the larger world, and scaring the poo out of the kids while doing it!. I think we all have some inherent prejudices and incorrect assumptions of the world and other cultures based on where and how we were raised, and the various experiences the kids have in this book reflect that (like Egwene’s initial reaction to The Tinkers, and now Rand’s response to Loial).
3. During the rescue of Perrin and Egwene, did it seem like Lan was overly concerned about Nynaeve to anyone else? >.> <.<
Ah! Do we have our first adult romance in the blooming? I hope so. Nynaeve has a stiff enough spine to be an equal to the Warder, but will Lan’s past allow him the freedom to pursue a relationship? Hmm…..
Somewhat related, the rescue was intense! Child of the Light Byar even had me believing there for a moment. I am so glad Perrin had his wits about him and thought things through. Also Nynaeve was excellent to grab the horses. Yeah Bela!
Picabuche - Just a smidge demon?
Picabuche – Just a smidge demon?

4. The Dark One has been blamed for all sorts of things lately. Do you think that the Dark One is the root of Perrin’s power like Moraine fears? How about Rand’s?

I don’t think the Dark One is the source of all the bad stuff going on. I mean, we have humans with free choices (some bad, malevolent, or just stupid) going on left and right. Then some of the things that would be labeled EVIL by aes sedai I don’t think really are, but are simply a state of being (like Perrin’s new power). As for Rand… wow. I am going to have to see how the series turns out to really weigh in on that. I have been very careful to avoid spoilers for the series, especially for the final book, so I honestly don’t know if the world is still standing.
5. Very briefly Rand encounters a beggar who is obviously determined to find him specifically. Who do you think this is? What do you think is going to happen with this beggar in the future?
I believe the beggar is Padan Fain, as his neurotic behavior in these chapters is similar to his behavior displayed before. I would guess that a) he is a Dark Friend or b) he is being compelled against his will by the Dark One to track Rand. Rand and crew are not exactly inconspicuous, so I would say sooner or later the beggar will track Rand down. I expect he will try to coerce Rand or try to kill him, just as previous Dark Friends have done.
6. We learn a whole lot about Queen Morgase in this section, including getting to meet her in person! What do you think? Do you like the tradition of sending the royal children to study with the Aes Sedai and Warders?
That was super intense, and filled with humor. I think Rand’s meeting with royal family has been one of my favorite scenes so far. The kids’ dry humor had me laughing out loud at inappropriate moments. I am glad that Queen Morgase upholds her land’s laws, otherwise Rand would be in a world of hurt – the Queen’s aes sedai is intense! I think both kids should get the basic Warder training as no matter how skilled you are in sorcery, there will come a time that tracking your next meal, or wounded enemy, through muddy forest terrain will come in handy. Also, knowing some basics of hand-to-hand combat is healthy for everyone. Once both kids have the basics, then they can go off to specialize.
7. Rand had quite an adventure in the palace there, wow! And we finally get to meet another Aes Sedai. What do you think of Elaida and her dark assessment of Rand’s future?
Fuck Elaida! she may be the most dangerous and deadly thing we have come across yet. I bet she turns up later (maybe not this book, but in the series) and there will probably be a reckoning. Rand is very lucky to have been able to get out of the palace.
And why is everyone going around predicting Rand’s future, like he has no free will, etc. It’s like he has a floating tarot deck about his head that only certain folks can read, but those inconsiderate folks go right ahead and do so, scaring the crap out of Rand with their predictions.

11 thoughts on “The Eye of the World Read Along Part VI”

  1. Beware! Etc.

    2. Clash of cultures is a theme of the series, and one that isn’t brought up very often in the fan discussions. You see part of it here with Loial and his reactions to the “outside world”, but of course there’s much more to come, some of it funny and some annoying.

    3. That’s the $10,000 question! I have difficulty imagining Nynaeve and Lan doing anything except arguing. Actually, I have difficulty imagining Nynaeve and anyone doing anything except arguing.

    5. It’s Fain all right, and you’re right to wonder what’s up with him. He doesn’t appear to be following the usual (to the best of our knowledge) Darkfriend Modus Operandi at the moment.

    7. You seem to have the Foretelling yourself. Hmm…

    1. So Elaida is going to raise her hand (and knitting needles) again?!? Oh My! I will keep my eye out for her. I mean it has to happen that she will show up again,her being part of the royal court and all. Thanks for stopping by this week.

      1. I wouldn’t be surprised if she tries to find Rand before he manages to leave the city: I don’t think she is good at taking “No!” for an answer.

  2. Great answers! I loved that you gave Bela a shout out. (I did too! :D) I remember when I read these in high school, a fellow fan did a pole on his blog for who everyone’s favorite character is. Bela got the same number of votes as Nynaeve! I don’t actually agree with that (because I love Nynaeve) but I thought it was hilarious that Bela was so popular among the fans. πŸ˜€ Your reaction to Elaida made me smile. Trust me, as the story goes along, you’ll be wanting to couple that expletive with Elaida’s name much more often. πŸ˜€ My answers are HERE.

    1. I would love to hear Bela’s thoughts on the adventure so far. I have donkeys, which are a bit more stubborn and less skittish than most horses. And I can imagine their thoughts on running with wolves, being chased across rolling hills by black birds, etc. Most of their thoughts I can’t put on paper due to the gross quantity of swear words πŸ˜‰

  3. *snorts about you and your needs* πŸ˜‰ I agree that Thom has too many loose ends that need to be tied, this more than anything makes me think he’ll pop up again!

    I’m so glad Bela wasn’t lost!!

    I’ve also been trying really hard to avoid spoilers, though it’s been tricky πŸ˜‰ We’ll make it!

  4. Thanks for the poll . . . though it looks like we are mostly desperate to read on! πŸ™‚

    1. I totally agree about Thom: I want to know all about him, so he better not be dead!

    2. I had also forgotten about him, and I feel so bad about that because he is so cute. I did like Rand’s initial terror, but also his intuitive trust in Loial so that he could unburden himself. I’m sure that was a massive relief for the poor boy, especially as Mat is currently as much use as a chocolate fireguard. I like the introduction of such different cultures as it makes the world feel so much bigger and more real.

    3. Child Byar is in serious need of a good killing: he makes my skin creep every time he is about. I was also glad that the amazing Bela could rejoin the party . . . a tribute to Bill the pony, me thinks.

    4. I get the impression that the Dark One can offer power and choices, but that humans must actively decide to accept his help and support. I know that the male part of the One Power was tainted by him, but that does not mean that it is intrinsically evil and neither are the men who can wield it. I am guessing that one of The Dark Ones other names is the Great Deceiver or something similar, because he takes credit for many things that are not actually his to gift.

    7. I thought her prophecy was far too vague to really mean anything, although it is clear that she believes that he is evil. Poor Rand, just seeing all that death and destruction around him does not mean that he is responsible for it, but I bet she never even considers that point of view.

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