Dandelion Wine by Ray Bradbury

Heldig hoovering, hoping for a) dinner, b) attention, c) dinner.
Heldig hoovering, hoping for a) dinner, b) attention, c) dinner.

Why I Read It: I’m participating in Little Red Reviewer’s Vintage Scifi Month, and this fit.

Where I Got It: The Library.

Who I Recommend This To: In many regards, this is a coming of age story, and if you enjoy those, then this would probably suit you.

Narrator: Full Cast – The Colonial Radio Theatre

Publisher: Blackstone Audio (2007)

Length: 2 CDs

Dandelion Wine was first published in 1957 and is a fix-up novella of other loosely connected short stories, many of which had been previously published. However, upon listening to it, I could not tell that it was written in such a way, which shows Ray Bradbury‘s craftsmanship in sticking them all together into a single fluid story. The setting is 1928 Green Town, IL. Douglas Spaulding is a 12 year old who has the full run of his town and the magic of youth in the perfect summer. This book is divided into 2 parts. Part I is all about the wonder of running through the woods on a hot day, of the fun of collecting dandelions for senior citizens to turn into intoxicants, and of the play of pretending fireflies are more than they are. There’s also best friends, tom girls, new sneakers, listening to heroic tales from old men, and the first crush on the town’s young librarian. Part II, however, is darker and is about realizing that things change, not always for the good, and yet life still goes on.

This tale is 90% mainstream fiction, with a slight, nebulous time travel element; hence, it is classified as science fiction. I had not heard the details of this tale before and I was expecting much more science fiction, or at least Outer Limits type plot. Alas, no. The story was well written for its brevity and I enjoyed certain elements of it, such as Doug’s shy interactions with the librarian and his fascination with a new pair of sneakers. However, this work just didn’t do anything special for me. I found myself waiting for something to happen in the story, and when it finally did, the events were not resolved, but rather the story turned into a Lesson, a lesson about growing up, letting go, and moving on. I know Ray Bradbury, and probably this work in particular, holds a lot of magic for many folks. I just am not one of those folks.

The audio production and performance by The Colonial Radio Theatre was excellent. There were sound effects and various narrators to pull off the cast of characters. My only slight criticism is that at times I had to turn the sound down a bit because of the excited sound effects and then turn up the volume later to catch the conversation between two characters.

VintageScifiBadgeWhat I Liked: This book got me curious about dandelion wine; the magic of a care-free summer.

What I Disliked: The lack of a strong scifi element; story became a Lesson and stopped being a tale.


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18 thoughts on “Dandelion Wine by Ray Bradbury”

  1. Aw, too bad that this one just didn’t quite do it for you, Bradbury is usually so awesome. Definitely would have been better with more sci-fi, can’t agree more there 😀

  2. Sorry to hear that you didn’t enjoy it tremendously. This is one of my favorite coming of age books and I love all the short stories. I knew going in it was essentially a bunch of short stories and I am a fan of the medium so that probably makes some difference. I can also connect with the kid at 12 as much of his adventures remind me of my own when I was growing up. Lovely book. I’m glad you read it at any rate.

  3. I haven’t read this one. In fact I haven’t ready any Bradbury. I can see why this one didn’t live up to your expectations. And now that you’ve lowered mine, I wonder if I would enjoy it.

    1. I’ve always been a bit on the fence about Bradbury. Like THe Martian Chronicles are really just Earth folks doing Earth things. It’s like the Martian environment didn’t really affect them culturally. But you have these great characters, adn you say they’re on Mars, and then you have SF. Anyway, Dandelion Wine wasn’t for me.

  4. I love Ray Bradbury! It’s too bad this book wasn’t one of your favorites of his…I’ve never read this one, but it’s been sitting on my shelves for a while.

    1. I’m glad i read it so that I now understand references to it, but I think I went into it expecting more SF element and when I didn’t find it, well….just not for me.

    1. The theatrical performance was very good, but the content of the story was just barely SF concerning the time travel element. So, i walked into it with one set of hopes, which weren’t met.

  5. As I have had both great and not-quite-as-good experiences with Bradbury, I can imagine not liking the book. It’s too bad, though, I’ve heard the most amazing things about Dandelion Wine, about how it’s a very beautiful book. Maybe I’ll give it a try, after all.

    1. If you’re a Bradbury fan, then don’t let my review deter you. I’ve tried a few Bradbury titles and none of them have really clicked with me. Doesn’t me he isn’t worth the read to the right person.

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