The Eye of the World Read Along Part IV

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1. Moraine and Lan were discussing how the Trollocs could be amassing such large numbers and other strange occurrences such as the Forsaken and possible opposition from the White Tower early in this section. What do you think about all of these revelations?
Damn! These kids could be getting into more trouble that Lan and Moiraine have let on. Add to the variety of opposition they face, Lan and Moiraine don’t seem to have all the answers, such as how the trollocs are moving about without raising cry and hew throughout the countryside. I am not sure Lan and Moiraine are wise to keep the kids in the dark. Like at spooky city, Shadar Logoth, perhaps Rand, Mat, and Perrin would have benefited from knowing a little more about why the trollocs would be hesitant to enter the city.
2. Turns out a side effect of using magic is taking foolish chances and acting giddy, sound like any boys we know? What do you think is happening to Rand? Mat?
Well, I definitely think Rand may be coming into his magic, but what brand? I mean, is Aes Sedai the only kind of magic Rand can tap into? I am not sure since we met Elyas, who doesn’t seem to be using The One Power. As for Mat, I think he is still a reckless prankster. I’m sure that will play into something serious later on and perhaps Mat will learn to reduce the magnitude and frequency of his pranks. Now Mat also has that dagger of Mordeth’s, so I have to wonder if some of his anti-social behavior is due to some malevolent influence of that dagger.
Waffles in a rare serious mood.
Waffles in a rare serious mood.

3. Egwene and Perrin end up wandering very far afield, why do you think the land is so thoroughly abandoned? Not just of people, but also of animals, if we assume that Perrin isn’t that horrible of a tracker ;-)?

I expect that both Perrin and Egwene are both reasonable trackers, having lived a chunk of their lives exploring the wilderness around Two Rivers. As for the lack of wildlife in the area, perhaps there is something afoot that scared them off… a motley crew of trollocs? Or something worse? I’m going to go with something worse because the trollocs seem to be loud and somewhat clumsy…and wouldn’t there be hoof prints?
4. Elyas and his wolves! What do you think of this new type of magic and Perrin’s new skills? How about what Elyas said about “Old things coming again” and the Aes Sedai not being happy about it?
It’s pretty obvious that Perrin is startled and perplexed by his abilities with the wolves. And I can’t say whether Elyas is really a friend per se or just in the run because of his curiosity of Perrin. Again, I get the impression that Elyas had some run in with Aes Sedai sometime back and now paints them all with the same brush. As to the ‘Old things coming again,’ I think this goes along with the references to the Wheel of Time, and some perpetual battle.
5. Rand had another dream, but we can’t be sure if the other boys did or not…. In it there was mention of the Eye of the World serving him, what do you think the Eye of the World is? Any other ideas for what this dream meant?
Even tho I read this years ago, I simply don’t remember most of it, like what the Eye of the World is. I’m going to say that it is significant as the book is named after it. I think it’s pretty obvious that Serious Bad Dude Whose Name I Can’t Spell On The Fly is focusing on Rand more than the other kids. If Serious Bad Dude is telling Rand that the Eye will not serve him, then I think there is some potential that there is and Serious Bad Dude is concerned about that.
6. Domon told many tales about fantastic sights across the land, which was your favorite? 😀
Haha! I’ve warmed up to Domon despite his all-but-required threats to throw Rand, Mat, and Thom off when they first met. I like the Tanchico animal bones story the best. I mean, I can take the bones of a turkey, an elk, and a coyote and string them all together in some fanciful beast. Wait, didn’t some folks in the 1800s do that in England and claim that dragons were real?
7. The Tinkers’ had an interesting and scary tale to tell. What do you think about this new omen about the Dark One? Why do you think the Tinkers’ thought Elyas would know more?
Couple the Tinkers’ tale with Rand’s dream, and the title of the book, obviously, the Eye of the World is pretty darn important. I like the idea of warrior women, like with society acceptance and training. The Tinkers probably know something about Elyas, more than we have been made privy to. And because of this knowledge, like perhaps Elyas travels far and wide, the Tinkers were hoping to hear more from Elyas.
Other Tidbits:
I thought Moiraine’s and Nynaeve’s conversation in Chapter 21 was amusing and enlightening. It was also good to learn more of both women.

14 thoughts on “The Eye of the World Read Along Part IV”

  1. I like Bayle Domon a lot too. He always makes me smile, especially the accent. 😀 I really liked Moiraine and Nynaeve’s conversation as well. Reading it through a second time, it’s even more revealing than the first. Jordan does such a good job of painting situations both past and present, doesn’t he? 😀 My Read-Along

    1. I think the conversations/interactions between Moiraine and Nynaeve have been some of Jordan’s best writing so far – both women are strong willed and believe they are doing the right thing, and Nynaeve can see Moiraine’s logic and nod to it even if she doesn’t want to.

      1. I like the fact that Nynaeve is a character who repeatedly questions what they are doing. I get tired of ‘heroic’ characters who simply follow along and do as they are told all the time without asking for any reasons. I am hoping that the incident in Shadar Logoth has persuaded Moiraine to be a little more explicit about the reasons behind her instructions in the future.

  2. I’m putting my money on Rand being a male Aes Sedai, now we just have to convince Moraine that he won’t go crazy 😉

    I agree that if the Dark One is insisting that the Eye of the World won’t serve Rand, it probably will and he is just afraid of it xD So that means let’s go find it right?? 😀

    Wait, are you claiming dragons aren’t real???

    1. Hehe! Well, let’s just say that some bone folks over enthusiastically put some together into shapes of creatures they hoped had once roamed the earth. But you and I know that when dragons die, which rarely happens, their bodies return to nature in a magical, non-body fluid & bone kind of way.

          1. Our collie/spaniel cross once threw herself at my hubby with great enthusiasm and smashed her 2 front paws into a rather sensitive part of his anatomy . . . he didn’t find it as amusing as I did . . . I can’t imagine why! 😀

          2. I know I shouldn’t giggle when our dogs or cats inadvertently land a heavy paw on my man’s unmentionables, but I do. However, he tries very hard not to smirk when some cuddly cat goes into pitty-pat mode and puts a claw in my booby.

  3. 1. I totally agree about the inadequate warnings about Shadar Logoth . . . something along the lines of “Don’t talk to anyone or touch anything!” would have been quite helpful! But then Mat is always going to be Mat . . . unfortunately! 😀

    3. You cat is very cute . . . just thought I should say that!

    4. Elyas does seem to have some experience with the Aes Sedai, much like Thom, so his wariness is based on experience rather than just superstition. I love the wolves and their separate personalities: plus, their disgust at the dogs is really funny.

    6. I believe some of my fellow countrymen did make a few ‘mistakes’ when they first started to look at fossils seriously . . .

    I also liked the way that Moiraine manipulated Nynaeve: I bet few people manage to do that! 😀

    1. I did a quick look on the web, looking for images of fossilized dragons, like when folks made these mistakes…..or enjoyed the tourist attraction. Alas, my quick search didn’t turn up anything. Still, I remember seeing some black and white photos

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