The Eye of the World Read Along Part III

eyeoftheworldbannerWelcome back everyone to the third installment of The Eye of the World Read Along. This week, we are covering Chapters 15-20. There will be SPOILERS below if you have not read this book yet. If you would like to receive the questions ahead of time in the future, you can sign up over HERE. The schedule is also available over HERE. Make sure to check out my partner in crime in this endeavor over at On Starships and Dragonwings to see what clever answers she has for us.

Without further ado:

1) In this section of the reading, we learn that Perrin and Mat are also having wicked dreams. Add to that, Min’s visions for each of those in the small party. Prophesy, portents and dreams are playing a bigger and bigger role in this epic tale. Are you enjoying this plot device?

Often in Fantasy, I see this type of plot device used as a convenient way to move the story forward, or to save the heroes from some nasty end. Robert Jordan isn’t doing that here, at least not so far, and I appreciate that. Rather the dreams, portents, and Min’s visions are building tension in the tale. I definitely feel that Rand, Perrin, and Mat are getting a bit freaked out; but these dreams, etc. don’t dictate their actions. The many, many broken-backed rats was a bit disturbing, even for me as the reader.

2) The Whitecloaks (AKA Children of the Light) make their first real appearance in the tale and of course, Mat has to play one of his tricks. Funny? Dangerous? What did you think of Rand’s reaction?

I get the impression that Mat’s jokes in the Two Rivers never truly got him in trouble, like a couple of village seniors giving their consent to let some farm wives take some sticks to Mat, etc. Does anyone else want to know what Mat and his buddy ended up doing with the badger from the beginning of the book? As for Rand, I don’t really remember this book very well, but since he is central to the story, I have to say that this may be the first glimmer of him manifesting some power. Though I am not convinced yet that Rand or the other two are male Aes Sedai.

3) Nynaeve found them! What do you think Moiraine and Nynaeve said to each other behind that closed door at the inn?

By now, I am wondering if Moiraine has some slight Jedi mind trick capability. Remember when she pressed those silver coins on the boys back in Two Rivers, insisting they take them? Well, I would have loved to see if she tried some similar thing with Nynaeve…and found it didn’t work because she is too stubborn and had to fall back on telling some of the facts, all in truth, and logic.

4) The party has to do a swift exit from the inn because of the Fade Rand saw during his milk run. How do you think they were found?

For one, they are not that far from Two Rivers. I am not sure if the Whitecloaks, while they say they spend day and night stomping on the face of evil, some number of them could be Dark Friends. Then there was that shady guy with the scar at the inn who is purportedly a spy for the Whitecloaks, and if he spies for them, he could spy for others. My last possible suspect is Padan fain, but I am just not sure. He must have run like hell to get there; didn’t he loose his horses at Two Rivers? Was the Fade just a projection? I mean, it didn’t even touch Rand and then it disappeared.

5) Moiraine burns a lot of power in these chapters: appears to become a giantess to step over the city wall; a wall of flame to hold off the Trollocs; laying a false trail; setting wards in the spooky city. Do you think this shows the limits of her powers, or has she got more to give?

Since this is such a long series, I want to say that we haven’t seen all her capabilities yet. However, this could be the edge of her current limits and circumstances later in the book/series push her beyond even what she thought she was capable of. She’s the only Aes Sedai we’ve met so far, and I am getting mighty curious to learn what others are like, in temperament and abilities.

6) A lot happens at Shadar Logoth, where the party hopes to hide from the Trollocs and Myrddral. What do you think Mordeth is? And the misty Mashadar? As Lan contemplates, the Myrddral must drive the Trollocs into the city to search for them, but what is driving the Myrddral?

Mordeth, and I assume he has buddies hiding in the city (all those eyes!), strikes me as vampire-like. He stuck to the shadows, had a odd face, needs the life force of living humans, did that trick with shadow in the treasure chamber. As far as the Mashadar goes, I am not sure. Perhaps if I had been a little more D&D nerd, I would have some monster comparison. The closest I can come to in my little world, is government paperwork. Once it touches you, you are lost in it forever, perpetual slave to it, sucked into the misty white bureaucracy.  I don’t know what is worse than a Myrddral in this collection of nasties. Perhaps there is a Balrog equivalent?

7) This section certainly leaves us on a cliff-hanger with the party separated. Worried? Perrin and Egwene found each other, but then galloped headlong into the river. Mat, Rand, and Thom made it onto a boat, The Spray, captained by Domon. Now Captain Domon makes a comment about the Trollocs following him; why do you think that is?

That whole big scene of them escaping the spooky city was nail biting. I was pretty glad that Thom was able to keep some wits and get 2 of the kids to safety. Hurray for throwing knives! though I can commiserate with Thom over loosing a favorite knife or two. That one comment by Cpt. Domon has me very curious indeed. If the Trollocs are after him, that could mean he is a good guy in a bad situation…..or it could mean that he is an idiot who double crossed some Dark Friends. I look forward to learning more about him.

Picabuche - Just a smidge demon?
Picabuche – Just a smidge demon?

Other Tidbits:

Nynaeve knows something about Rand’s parentage, or she at least suspects. Still, I was a little frustrated that Rand and Nynaeve didn’t share the fact that Rand was born outside the Two Rivers while Tam was roving with Moiraine. Or rather, shouldn’t this be something of common knowledge in such a small village? I can understand why Rand doesn’t want to share his suspicions that Tam may not be his father.

When Lan and the boys charged the Trollocs, they shouted various war cries, in foreign tongues. And afterwards, Egwene felt like she almost understood them. Moiraine translates, revealing the war cries to be of ancient Menetheren. I need to memorize something monumental in ancient Byzantine, just in case I find myself in a similar position some day.

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13 thoughts on “The Eye of the World Read Along Part III”

  1. Great answers! I especially love your government paperwork analogy. I know we’ll get some more details about Nynaeve’s personality and reaction to Moiraine in the village pretty quick here–in the next couple of chapters, and we’ll definitely see some more Aes Sedai personalities before the end of book one. Memorizing a war cry is an awesome idea, btw! 😀

    1. So far, the bulk of the story has been told from Rand’s perspective and I am really curious to see if we ever learn more of the story through the ladies’ eyes, especially Nynaeve.

  2. I am going to start commenting here, since I was encouraged. However, be warned. These are comments from someone who has read the whole series. (Minus the last book.)

    1. I think it makes for some delightfully eerie scenes that I wouldn’t want to be without. Throughout the series, there will be lots of prophecies and visions, and most of all you will eventually become intimately familiar with dreams.

    2. Pretty risky in my opinion, considering their position as fugitives. Rand’s reaction is somewhat significant, but you have no way to know why, yet.

    3. More of the same, I expect.

    4. No comment, though I expect you can figure this out.

    5. This is probably about the extent of Moiraine’s abilities, with one notable exception, due later on in another book.

    6. What is driving the Myddraal… yes… this is the question, isn’t it? Who is ultimately in charge of the hunt?

    7. I didn’t make this connection until now, thanks for the hint :). Domon is likely a good guy in a bad situation. Far from an idiot, however.

    1. It is the sign of a good book when you can still pick up new hints even when you’ve read the whole thing before. I am enjoying this re-read (of the first 6 or 7 books) much more than I thought I might, and am eager to read on! 🙂

    2. Interesting comment about the hunt. I wonder if that comes into play in the second book, The Great Hunt.

      I really hope Mat learns to keep a low profile. At this rate, I worry that he may get someone killed, either directly (by a trick gone bad), or inadvertently through drawing the wrong kind of attention. Bad Mat!

      I’m glad you could stop by this week. Hope to see your comments next week.

  3. 2. Great point! It’s probably true that Mat didn’t realize that his actions would ever have such serious consequences, though he should have freaking realized it with Whitecloaks! Rand however, was definitely acting very very strange!

    3. Maybe Nynaeve’s got her own tricks to defend? >.>

    4. Oo, good point, I completely forgot about the scar guy! and it’s true that Fain would have had to run pretty fast, but it just seemed like such suspicious timing…

    I just wish that the boys would freaking trust Moraine, gaaaah! 😉 Great questions this week 😀 Thanks!!

    1. Haha! I wonder why the spam filter put your comment in spam jail? tsk, tsk. I look forward to learning more about Nynaeve – like is she just all grumble or does she bring some skills to the group?

  4. I agree the dead rats were really creepy! 🙁

    I would also like to know what happened to the badger, although I suspect that it was mostly forgotten in all the excitement of the attack on the village . . . I hops it’s OK though, I hate it when animals are hurt! 😀

    I always felt like the coins were a way for Moiraine to track the lads: I’m fairly certain that Nynaeve could have melted them with one scowl . . . she is SO grumpy! 😀

    I totally forgot about Padan Fain and his highly suspicious behavior: it struck me as odd that he disappeared from the village on the night of the attack without at least one of his horses.

    I do love a book that makes me think about what is happening and try to predict what will happen next . . . and there are loads of possibilities so far . . . I can’t wait for next week! 🙂

    1. I wonder about that badger too. It probably eventually chewed through whatever sack the boys had it in and went back to it’s den.

      If Moiraine is tracking the boys through the coins, I wonder how close the boys have to be to the coins – Rand and Mat just handed theirs over to Cpt. Domon!

    1. Don’t despair! All is not lost! Truly, dude, we are only…. what 400 or so pages in, which is like maybe half of Book 1. If you have the time and inclination, feel free to join us on Eye of the World or Book 2 (The great Hunt).

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