Reminder: The Eye of the World Read Along

Streak is far more interested in mealtime than in my reading selection.
Streak is far more interested in mealtime than in my reading selection.

My confession to you, dear readers, is that I read Books 1, 2 and part of 3 of The Wheel of Time series a little over a decade ago. Back then, I was young, in college, in my first serious relationship, and easily distracted by shiny books, so I didn’t go on with the series.

In Book 1, having recently read The Lords of the Rings by Tolkien, I felt there was a little too much cribbing from the man in Robert Jordan’s The Eye of the World. Remember, these were my thoughts of a 19 year old. But my man was really into these books, so I read on. Yet life, and other distracting books, got in the way of enjoying this series and it fell by the wayside. By the way, my man is extra excited to have me reading this series and he has even offered to  listen along (audio versions) and I will occasionally include his remarks in my posts.

Now, with the upcoming read along, I am thoroughly looking forward to enjoying this series with a group of people. In truth, as a Brandon Sanderson fan, I really, really want to see what he did with Jordan’s world and how he ended the series. Yes, I have heard how good this series is, how many serious-beyond-belief fans there are of Jordan’s works. But what I know is how good Sanderson’s works are. If Sanderson picked up the torch after Jordan’s death, there has got to be something really good about this series for him to build on. Or so is my hope.

I hope you’ll be joining us. Below is the schedule for posting, and also the sign up form. Don’t forget to check out On Starships and Dragonwings, my awesome cohost for this insanity. And you can always take the more casual approach by simply following our reading exploits and commenting here and there.

Chapters   Date of Post (Sundays)
Proglogue-7 post on December 16th
8-14 post on December 30th
15-20 post on January 6th
21-27 post on January 13th
28-33 post on January 20th
34-40 post on January 27th
41-47 post on February 3rd
48-END post on February 10th

4 thoughts on “Reminder: The Eye of the World Read Along”

  1. hmmm…. i’ve only read the first book in the series, maybe this will get me excited enough to return to it. a nice slow read of an eighteen hundred page book is about the speed I can handle. 😉

  2. to be honest I was never interested in the series until I became a Sanderson fan. Now I want to find out like you how he finished it. But I haven’t collected the books yet. Baby steps. Enjoy and good luck!

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