Legion by Brandon Sanderson

Why I Read It: Because I have been a Sanderson fan since I read The Way of Kings.

Where I Got It: Audible.com

Who Would I Recommend This To: If you haven’t tried Sanderson before, this is a great novella to get you started.

Narrator: Oliver Wyman

Publisher: Audible Frontiers (2012)

Length: 2 hours 8 minutes

I had the pleasure of hearing Brandon Sanderson read a part of this novella life at Bubonicon earlier this year. This story is currently free on Audible.com and I believe that will hold true until the end of 2012.

Stephen Leeds, something of a detective, has a legion of personae and they all live together in one mansion. No one else can see or hear his manifestations, but they are quite real to him. JC is a Navy Seal personality, fully equipped with weapons expertise and hand-to-hand combat skills. Leeds also has a psychologist and a historian, among many others. Leeds and his legion take on mysteries that intrigue him. In this novella, he receives a series of intriguing photos that simply could not be – impromptu shots of historical figures before the invention of photography.

I’m not going to say too much here about the plot, because you need to read or listen to this yourself. The 2+ hours spent on this book was worth my time, and I will probably do it again within the year. I am used to Sanderson’s marathon-length novels, enjoying each one I have delved into. So I was curious to see how he would craft a much shorter piece of fiction.  This tale put to bed any concerns I may have had; the balance of humor, action, plot and character development was well done. I really hope Sanderson makes this into a series or a full-length novel.

Oliver Wyman was a good pick for narrator for this tale. This was my first time to enjoy his voice, and I wouldn’t turn down another book narrated by him. I especially enjoyed his portrayal of JC.

What I Liked: The interaction between Leeds various personalities were often quite humorous; the quandary at the heart of this tale was a great man to contemplate.

What I Disliked: The ending was a little predictable.

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