Warbreaker Read Along Part V

I was pretty darn satisfied with that ending. Even the second time around.

This week’s questions, the final set, are from Amanda. Make sure to check out her site and our co-host Once Upon a Time to see what they made out of this ending.

1. There were a whole bunch of character revelations in this last section of the book. We now know who Warbreaker is, and what Blushweaver’s motivations are, and who was behind the war, and the intentions of several characters we suspected. How do you feel, now that everything’s out in the open?

I feel that all my major questions about the characters have been wrapped up while still leaving the story open for further exploration should Sanderson want to return to it. I especially like how the title Warbreaker can refer to not only the character with that name but to a number of the characters as they scrambled around trying to stop the war.

From my first read through, I can still remember being shocked by Bluefingers’ actions and surprised by the age of both Denth and Vasher and the source of contention between them.

2. At the beginning of our group read, I asked if you thought the Returned actually were divine. We saw Lightsong change his mind on his own divinity, and learned a bit more about the Returned. Has your answer about divinity changed, then, since the beginning of the book?

I am not really a believer in divinity to begin with, but for this book, I believe Lightsong met this story’s definition of divinity in the end. Vasher’s parting comments in the Epilogue were interesting because they so mirrored many of the doubts and internal arguments that Lightsong had throughout the novel.

3. Now that we’ve seen Nightblood in action, firsthand, and know more about its history, what do you think about it as an object? What are your thoughts about Vasher’s relationship with the sword?

Well, Vasher did a naughty thing bringing Nightblood into the world. On the other hand, he has been paying long penance keeping Nightblood out of trouble. I can see that Nightblood will always need a keeper, one of the noble variety preferably.

Nightblood did provide me with some good entertainment throughout the novel. In this section, I especially liked how it managed to get itself off a lake bottom and back to Vivenna and then Vasher.

4. Lastly, what are your final thoughts on Warbreaker? How did it compare to other books you’ve read, and to other Sanderson, if you’ve read more by him?

As a re-read, I caught myself catching a lot more of the subtler points. To me, that is one of the things that makes a book worth re-reading. While the humor of Tonk Fah and Denth was entertaining the first go around, I was keyed to pay more attention to it this time and pick up on some of the meanings behind the humor. Also, hints about Vasher’s identity and the history of Hallandren and Idris were sprinkled throughout the novel.

I have read 2 other Sanderson novels so far and I would put this equal to Mistborn in entertainment level but a little below The Way of Kings. All three have been excellent epic fantasies and I don’t hesitate to recommend them to folks who enjoy the genre.

Other Tidbits:

What happened to Lightsong’s squirrel?

Did anyone else find Blushweaver’s exit from the storyline abrupt?

It’s good to see that Vivenna will finally take a holiday. Perhaps Siri and Susebron will get a honeymoon.

I hope Llarimar will go back to his family now and not raise some Lightsong cult that goes on to be the foundation to some new religion of zealots 300 years down the road.

Brandon Sanderson has Deleted Scenes! over HERE on his site. Hooray!

10 thoughts on “Warbreaker Read Along Part V”

  1. I swear that Vasher is attached to Nightblood and kind of likes him, even if he denies it. Otherwise I think he’d have found a way to destroy the sword by now.

  2. It must be Nightblood’s child like attitude, did anyone else find it disturbing that Nightblood seemed to be developing a crush on Vivenna:)

    I do hope you are right about Llarimar and he goes home, I don’t think he seems the cult type but who can tell!

    1. All sorts of sheath and sword jokes could be made over Nightblood’s blossoming crush on Vivenna. If there is ever a sequel, I guess some crude brute will be given the lines.

  3. I don’t believe that I had forgotten about the squirrel: it could have a sequel all to itself! 😀

    There are a lot of questions left hanging at the end, which I believe were join to be answered in a sequel (probably without the squirrel). I hope Siri and Susebron can reproduce, so that the cycle of the God Kings is broken in some way.

    1. Squirrel needs a name.

      I hope Siri and Susebron get some time together before founding a little family. Now that the worse of the political intrigue is over, and Susebron can chat, and hopefully they have access to lots of books, they deserve some time to settle into each other.

  4. I think Denth’s sister (whose name escapes me currently) created Nightblood. In fact, from what I can tell, the fact she created him was the reason Vasher killed her. To prevent the secret getting out and having more Nightblood’s created.

    As childlike and amusing sheathed-Nightblood seemed to be, unsheathed-Nightblood seemed like an absolute terror!

    1. Shashara?

      I got the impression that they researched it together and that she found the key to do it and then they both made it happen. We could certainly be entertained by a prequel, couldn’t we?

  5. Omg deleted scenes, ty ty ty !!!

    Blushweaver’s exit was quite shocking to me and I actually paused, wondered if I was going to cry and then realized I had no desire to cry (rare for me with movies and books). That was the one thing that I would have wanted changed a bit, everything else about the ending was quite satisfying to me 😀

    1. Same here about Blushweaver’s exit. I was finally starting to think maybe I could like her (that final conversation with Lightsong seemed genuine) and then she was gone. Should I be sad? Should I feel guilty that I am not sad? Nah.

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