Warbreaker Read Along Part IV

Heldig in one of her better moods.

Ha! What an interesting section of the book (Cpts. 35-49). Everything has changed, been turned upside down, and twisted inside out. I hope you all have enjoyed the revelations as much as I.

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1) So, pretty much everything has been flipped up on its head in this section. Which particular revelation was the greatest shock to you and how has it impacted your view of the book as a whole?
The first time I read this book, the brutality of Denth and Tonk Fah really threw me. I had bought into their quirky, brusque mercenary personas and didn’t look past them. So when it was revealed that they were working for someone else and willing to torture Parlin to death, plus the dead animals, I was wickedly surprised. Did that scene remind anyone else of the scene at the end of The Village where they discover the remnants of several animals under the floor boards of the mentally handicapped kid? Spooky.
Of course, Sanderson can’t leave it at that. He followed one twisted plot point up with another through these chapters. I love how Vivenna has had to question everything and how Lightsong is becoming useful.
2) Vasher is perhaps one of those things who we’ve had flipped over on us. Turns out he may have once been a scholar, even! Vasher and Vivenna have quite the conversation about Awakening and Returned and skate across the topic of ‘Type 4’ Awakened Objects, which the story implies to be objects like Nightblood. Vasher is completely unwilling to discuss it any further – any guesses as to why?
I think Vasher was experimenting and made a big, bloody, animated mistake by bringing the sword Nightblood to life. He now serves out a penance by being it’s protector. At least Nightblood has a better, if darker, sense of humor than Vasher.
3) Siri’s conversation with Treledees perhaps indicated that for all the disregard he shows for Siri, that he may in fact still care for the God King. If true, does this clash with their idea of simply holding onto the Divine Breath until the return of another, or how could you see it being reconciled?
I don’t like or trust Treledees. I am not inclined to say he devoutly believes in the God King. Perhaps he believes in his own sanctity as protector of those mighty Breaths. That would click better with his inflated sense of self-worth and bullying attitude.
4) We’re so far through the book now, and the War has yet to come. Do you (still?) see it as inevitable, or do you think that it may yet be headed off?
Since this is a reread for me, I will say that the first time I read this book, at this point, I was still unsure whether or not there would be war. But the title seems built for a war breaker. So I had to wonder if this was going to be a story about heading off a war, or a story about several people trying to break up a war and failing. I was routing for Lightsong, Vivenna, Susebron, Siri, and Vasher at this point.
Other Tidbits:
Allmother actually seemed to be doing something for those who petitioned her. Why don’t more of the gods do this? You would think that some of them, like Lightsong, would find some satisfaction in this.
That squirrel is my hero. I need one. Where can I find ichor-alcohol to animate one? I already am pretty decent with needle and thread.
Vivenna + sword = [pick an injury]
Siri needs a bumpersitkcer: Good food leads to sex. Always. Be prepared.


15 thoughts on “Warbreaker Read Along Part IV”

  1. Haha, love your comment on the squirrel.

    I agree about Allmother as well. She’s doing what the Returned should have been doing all along. If they were actually doing something to protect the people then the sacrifice of Breath might even be worth it.

    1. Allmother was doing simple things that changed the life of her supplicants. She probably can’t do that for everyone, but what she is doing is better than the nothing that the other Returned do. I like how Lightsong keeps referring back to Calmseer, the best of the Returned and who is no longer with them.

  2. I made a stuffed squirrel once from a needlework kit. It looked deformed. No awakening Lifeless for me then 🙂

    I’m not entirely convinced by Treledees yet either but I’m not getting a sinister vibe from him. Perhaps he’s just trying to do the best he can with the legacy left to the God King’s.

    1. Oh but if you Awakened a deformed stuffed squirrel it would be even funnier than a non-deformed one! Imagine if it only had 3 legs and kept falling over! 😀

      Sorry, I have a biology degree and so am inclined to be a little sick in the head sometimes! 😛

    2. I’m sure we could find some purpose for your funky squirrel. Are the ears lopsided? Missing digits? Nose and eyes swapped? Your squirrel can do night work so these abnormalities are not so obvious.

  3. I love your idea that Treledees is loyal and devote to the breaths, which allows him to both care about the God King right now, and justify moving the breaths to the next God King later. I’m really interested to see what ends up happening with that whole subplot, since it seems rather conflicting right now!

    1. It’s one of those things where you can have loyalty to the job, but not to your boss. I think lots of difficult people have experienced this.

      I think the ending will provide surprises for us all, including the characters in the book.

  4. I was quite jarred by the shift of persona between amusing-yet-still-competently-dangerous Mercenaries to Mercenaries-willing-to-torture-people-to-death as well.

    I still haven’t made a final call on whether I think this was a good move or not because I’m not convinced the ground work for it was properly laid before it happened, still I’d have to judge that after a reread methinks.

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