The Hobbit Read Along – Coming Soon

I haven’t read The Hobbit in years so I decided to join Book Snobbery in a read along.

Here is the schedule for The Hobbit, but here is the link to their post which has info about even more Tolkein they will be reading this summer. I don’t know if I will be able to join in with all the fun this summer, but I can at least squish The Hobbit into my schedule.

June 23 – June 27 Chapters 1-5

June 27 – June 30 Chapters 6-12

June 30 – July 4/5 Chapters 13-19


And they made this cool badge-thingy that had me snort-laughing, so I just had to show you all here:

Courtesy of Book Snobbery

7 thoughts on “The Hobbit Read Along – Coming Soon”

    1. The Hobbit was the first Tolkien I read ever. In 6 or 7th grade. I had a horrible double ear infection and couldn’t sleep. So I plowed my way thru Hobbit and LoTR trilogy. Great stuff.

  1. Hee! I just saw this! I’m so happy you’re joining us for the Hobbit, at least. I’m finishing up the final Silmarillion recap right now so I’ll be ready to start tomorrow!

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